Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Time for a list, says I.

  • Remember what I said the other day about the Japanese beetles being fewer in number this year?  Yeah, I was wrong.  Horribly, depressingly wrong.  My once-beautiful and vibrant flowers now look like... well, like flowers that have been chewed and utterly destroyed by an insect that has no natural predators on this continent (except for me, of course.  I derive a vicious and perhaps not entirely appropriate satisfaction to plucking those things off my potted plants, hurling them to the ground, and stomping them into green glittering mush).

  • I turned on my garbage disposal after loading the dishwasher today.  It made the tell-tale thunking sound that signals something large and foreign has fallen into the drain.  I quickly turned it off, waited a couple seconds, then reached in to retrieve whatever silverware had fallen in.  Except it wasn't any kind of utensil.  It was a golf ball.  I'm pretty sure my mom never had to deal with this when I was a kid.

  • It's been hot and humid outside, so we've been spending a little less time outdoors.  The kids are climbing the walls.

  • Adelaide and I have been doing a lot of reading this summer, which I plan on posting about eventually.  The men have been otherwise occupied.


  1. Did you get a new couch or have I been completely blind every time I visit?


  2. That is some awesome wall-climbing!

  3. I wonder if Japanese beetles are what ate my marigolds. They have been thoroughly chomped. But other flowers are not affected.

    That's a lot of height that kid achieves climbing the walls. I have a friend whose son can do the same. He (the son) is now 14 and still does the climb.

    Oh, I just LOVE the pic of the guys, 'otherwise occupied'!

  4. Hee, hee, love the wall climbing. I have pics of Destry doing that when he was in his Spiderman phase. (insert nostalgic sigh)

    Looking forward to the results of your many hours spent reading. ;)


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