Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I've been kind of a bad blogger lately, haven't I?  Does it count if I've composed countless posts in my head, if not actually on the blog?  Because if it does, then I'm actually an awesome blogger.

How about I do a half-hearted attempt at a post and make yet another list, then tomorrow come back and write a real post?

  • I walked upstairs toward the end of naptime the other day and found this:

Caedmon had snuck into the bathroom, crawled in the sink, then got stuck.  I have no idea how long he was in there; I had been outside trimming trees for the last hour and a half.  He now has a baby gate in his doorway at naptime.  He likes to curl his fingers around the bars and peer forlornly at me as I walk away from him.  It makes me feel a little bad for him.  Not bad enough to let him stay up, of course.  Don't let his sweet face fool you- that kid's an operator.

  • We finally made it to Ledges State Park the other day.  We all had a terrific time, in part because Cade enjoys being mothered by pretty girls, and our friend Adi is the consummate 7 year old mother.

  • My coneflowers are blooming, as is the cactus my grandparents gave me.

I know I keep harping on about it, but I just cannot believe all I had to do was lay that thing on the ground and it's thriving.  [Insert related self-deprecating comment on my parenting style that I'm too tired to come up with here.  Sorry guys, it's a bring-your-own-jokes kind of night.]  Note that I "planted" said cactus at the entrance to the rabbits' burrow under the shed.  I was hoping the little demons would get stuck and die slow, painful deaths, but then a little childhood fable began to trickle through my head... something about... Brier Rabbit?  Briar Rabbit?  Br'er Rabbit?  Anyone want to enlighten me?  Am I completely making this up?

  • I got my first cherry tomatoes of the year last week.  Two of 'em.  There's a whole bunch out there right now that hopefully I'll remember to pick tomorrow morning.  

Did I ever tell you I forced myself to like tomatoes?  In college I decided that it was high time I started eating tomatoes, so I'd make myself eat them every couple months.  As I progressed through my twenties I upped it to once every month, then every few weeks, until finally my taste buds surrendered or my brain cracked and I really did like them.  Only took me ten years!

  • I still like taking photos of my children while they're asleep.  I don't know what this means.

Atticus was actually hanging off the couch, and was supporting some of his weight with the leg on the floor for a whole hour while he napped.  I tell you what, even unconscious that kid is weird.  He either looks like a corpse or his entire body is covered in heavy blankets- including his head and face- with just his bare feet sticking out.  I always feel like I should be divining some deeper meaning behind these unusual sleeping positions.  

  • I get to see both my sisters and their families this weekend, including this lady:

Steph.  Beffer.  Stepha-roonie.  The Steph-meister.  Shteffer-Beffer.

Is it just my family, or do all youngest siblings have a million nicknames?

  • And something to make you smile:


  1. I love that you took that picture of Cade in the sink before rescuing him :-)

    I didn't get to grow tomatoes this year, but I sampled some black cherry tomatoes at my sisters a few days ago, and they were awesome. I have to grow them next year.

    I'm always amazed at kids who fall asleep mid-play. In all of Emma's 12 years, that happened only once.

  2. Stuck in the sink?! That takes skill.

    We just got back from vacation, to discover a good harvest of cherry tomatoes. My oldest did the same as you - forced herself to like tomatoes. They are so very good for one's health. My other two kids have consented to eat tomato sauce, but not raw tomatoes. That's okay - more for me.

    My kids hardly ever fall asleep in public places. I think it also takes skill to fall asleep while supporting yourself with your leg.

  3. Composing countless posts in your head totally counts (or I am a really, really bad blogger) -- and besides, you took a picture of the kid before rescuing him! That is a sure sign of a blogger. :)

    I taught myself to like tomatoes at the age of 19. Homegrown and warm from the garden are the best!


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