Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mystery Flowers

Okay, friends.  I need help identifying more of the flowers in my yard.  I promise not to mention the imminent robot coup this time.

I'm looking for help with the yellow flowers.  They're kind of shrub-like and attract bees and butterflies in droves.  They also spread every year, taking up more and more precious real estate in this sunny flower bed, so I'm going to have to cut some of them back next spring.  They bloom for weeks throughout the summer.  

A friend told me they were coreopsis, but... I thought tickseed was coreopsis.

Tickseed, aka coreopsis.

Is she right?  Are these little yellow flowers another type of coreopsis?  Has anyone else made PW's cowboy quiche?

Sorry.  I made the quiche last night and still have it on the brain.  It's always fun when a new recipe is a hit with the whole family.  It was a little salty, but I can easily amend that, and it was super duper easy.  

Back to flowers.

I haven't been able to find anyone who knows what these are:

The plant itself is maybe a foot high, and I actually kept mowing over it the first couple summers we were here.  It was mostly in the grass, not quite in the flower bed, but I've built the beds out enough now that it's not in danger of being cut anymore.

It blooms in mid-summer (now), the flowers are... I don't know, maybe double the size of a quarter, and a pale pink, not quite as purple as they appear in the photo.

Any ideas?  Anyone?


  1. Before I looked at your captions and commentary, I was thinking coreopsis for the yellow ones. But I am terrible with flower/plant names. I have no idea on the pink ones. But..

    Quiche? Did someone have a recipe swap about quiche and didn't tell me? What is cowboy quiche? Who is the elusive and mysterious PW?

    1. Whoops. Meant to reply but instead posted a regular comment (below). And maybe those are coreopsis?

  2. PW= Pioneer Woman. She posted Cowboy Quiche on the Cooking section of her website recently. I omitted the onions (the recipe called for a ton, and I needed it to be kid-friendly)and put a few Tbsp of dried onions in instead to give it some flavor, and used half n half instead of heavy cream. Next time I'll skip the salt that goes into the eggs (the bacon and cheese provide plenty) and perhaps try part half n half, part skim milk to lighten it further. I also used a frozen pie shell because I'm lazy.

  3. The yellow ones definitely look like coreopsis. Tickseed comes in lots of different varieties --we have one called Jethro Tull :-) The pink ones look a bit like a geranium (the perennial geranium), but I can't be sure.

    I'd like to know more about Cowboy quiche too. Did I miss a post?

    1. Well, once you gave me some flower-direction I googled "coreopsis," and it looks like you're right! (Of course.) They appear to be "Zagreb" coreopsis. As for the pink, the leaves look right, but I can't find a google image that matches the blooms. Still, it's closer than any info I've found before. Thanks, Cassi Renee!


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