Thursday, August 22, 2013

Backyard Bully

Just a quick flower post.  If flowers aren't your thing, a) feel free to skip this one with no hard feelings, and b) what did it feel like to sell your soul?

I kid.

The Johnny Cash sunflowers are thriving.  I plan on sowing more than just a single seed of these next year (seriously, why do I do these things?); hopefully I'll be able to harvest the seeds from these beauties without incident.  If you want any, it looks like I'll have plenty, and I'm happy to share!  Just let me know, then keep reminding me over and over again until I actually hand 'em over.  It's how I operate.

See this plant?

Yeah, it's kind of a monster.

I snapped these photos a little late; it has been covered in small white flowers for the past few weeks.  While it is pretty, and obviously, uh, over-achieving in its growth, it's kind of a bully.  There's a purple clematis planted right next to it that's a downright puny; I usually see a few blooms on it before it's completely overtaken by Monstro here.  I've tried pulling it out, hacking it down to the ground, but its roots are apparently planted under the deck, and I don't hate it quite enough to break through the lattice down there.  Yet.

So... anyone know what it is?  It's crazy thick, and attracts plenty of wasps and even a few hornets, which is fun.  I haven't noticed a lot of bees around it- they've been congregating around the sunflowers and coneflowers, which makes me feel like I'm doing my part to help with that whole bee crisis.  That's right:  the dozens of bees our yard attracts is really going to turn the tide in the bees' favor.  Didn't you know?

Anyway, don't forgot:  Let me know if you want Johnny Cash sunflower seeds, and figure out what that crazy climbing plant is for me, mmkay?


  1. I am not good at naming the flowers. At first I was thinking honeysuckle, but then I embiggened the photo and, nope. Plus I think honeysuckle blooms much earlier.

    Those sunflowers are gorgeous. We tried to grow sunflowers once, and just before the buds were about to bloom, the deer had dessert at our expense. No more sunflower.

    1. Deer. Rabbits. What's with these animals, trying to eat and stay alive and everything?

  2. Is that a Sweet Autumn Clematis? Here's a site with a photo:
    I tried to grow one, but it died in our sandy soil. I love them, but they have to be cut back severely every year. Still, I think it would be worth it!

    1. Yes, that's it! On the one hand, I'm thankful that you always seem to be able to identify my flowers; on the other hand, I'm becoming increasingly determined to one day stump you.

  3. We were going to plant clematis but ended up with a gifted butterfly bush. (It's probably for the best, since the clematis would bully the fence into submission and knock it over.)
    My husband planted sunflowers this year, but I don't know what kind -- just, several of them! The birds will probably get all of the seeds.

    1. I leave our yucca flower stalks up all winter just so I can watch the chickadees perch on them. I'll probably leave the giant sunflower seeds for the birds, too.


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