Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Name That Flower! Again!

At this time of year, most of my plants are really looking like- to quote my mother- they've been "rode hard and put up wet."  Sad and parched and Japanese beetle-ridden.

Still, there are a few things blooming.  My white hydrangea is heavy with blooms, which is a relief, given how severely I whacked at it last fall, cutting it way down close to the ground.

Side note- did you know I can't grow any of those gorgeous blue or purple hydrangeas here?  The soil is too alkaline, which is apparently what provides the hydrangea with its color.  The best we can do is a slight pink.  You can go ahead and shed a tear for me.

Moving on... the other day Derek's mom said she found giant sunflowers creepy.  I decided to forgive her because although she may live in Kansas, she's not a native.  I figure she just can't help it.

"I'm not creepy!  Looooove me Becky!"

I've also got this shorter- about four feet tall- variety of sunflower growing.  It looks like it'll end up with several blooms on it, which I wasn't expecting.  If only I had saved the seed packet so I'd know what type it is.  I have got to start a gardening journal.

Never mind, I just found it!  It's a "Ring of Fire" sunflower.  I've got a Johnny Cash fan in my backyard!  

And now I need some help.  Again.  

What is this?

It has even more blooms on it today, and I think is scented, although it's hard to tell with my sad sniffer.  It doesn't spread, and is really low maintenance; it's been a really dry summer here, I haven't watered it a bit, and it's been stepped on a bunch of times by my goat-children.  

It's really a beautiful flower- those florets come off intact and blow around our backyard like floral confetti.  

Anyone?  Help?  Please?


  1. I'm not sure, because I haven't grown them myself but only seen them in others' gardens, but I think that's phlox?

    Your sunflowers are great! I love them, and I'm from Michigan :-)

    1. Oh, man. I had a literal palm-to-the-forehead moment as soon as I read "phlox." Of course it's phlox! For some reason I think of phlox in only pink and purple-ish shades. Thanks again!

  2. Kind of creepy when you drive by a field of them and they are all facing one direction, then you drive by later in the day and they have all turned the other way.

    1. Well, it sure is creepy when you put it that way. Thanks for that.

  3. I love that your sunflower is a Johnny Cash fan! :)

    Agreeing with Cassi that the white flowers look like phlox.
    Agreeing with Becky, now that you mention it, that the picture of the sunflower in full height does look a little creepy... I might have nightmares now about the ones that peek into my bedroom window...

    1. I swear I'm never going to look at sunflowers the same way again. But I'm determined to keep on loving them!

  4. That sunflower is not saying "Loooove me, Becky!" It's saying, "Feeeeed me, Seymour!"

    Goat-children. Ha ha!


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