Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three Things...

...about potty training.

(No, this is not one of those potty training posts.)

  • Potty training anyone after your first child is such a breeze.  Well, relatively speaking.  With Adelaide, I felt this incredible pressure to get her potty trained a) immediately after she turned 2, and b) before Atticus was born, which gave me a five month window to do so.  I didn't feel nearly as much pressure with Atticus (aka I didn't really care), and now with Caedmon I feel even less (I seriously don't care).  I know he'll get potty trained.  At some point.  Eventually.  But at this point the whole two-steps-forward-one-step-back process that is toilet training flusters and frustrates me a whole lot less than it did five years ago.  Or maybe I've just gotten uncomfortably used to cleaning up messes made up of human bodily fluids.  

  • Potty chairs were not made for off-the-growth-charts-sized kids.  This may not seem like a big deal, but believe you-me, when you're the one potty training a giant preschooler, it starts to feel like a bona fide crisis.  (It also feels like you're practically bathing in vinegar and water and soap.)

  • Atticus has been hugely helpful in keeping Cade entertained while the younger one spends long stretches of time attempting to take care of business.  Atticus mans the laptop and (I'm not a big advocate of screen time of any kind- tv's, computers, tablets, whatever- for small children, but I do let the boys do Starfall a couple times a week; I like it because it teaches them letter recognition, letter sounds, and simple phonics, the boys like it because it's fun), and they take turns picking letters to learn about.  It's worked out so well, you might think I planned it this way, potty training Cade the week before Atticus starts preschool so I can get the former into underwear and the latter can brush up on his letters before school, but in reality yesterday afternoon I said something like, "Let's try that new Pinterest recipe tonight.  Oh, and start potty training!"  (Supper ended up being delicious, in case you were wondering.)  I feel like I do these things and God deadpans, "Oh, goody.  Another chance to cause something to work for good.  Thanks again, Kristy."
You're welcome, God.  You're welcome.

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  1. I was never into potty training. My husband finally got tired of my dragging my feet on the first kid and got the ball rolling himself. (It was a L-O-N-G, drawn-out process.) I did work hard at getting #2 (no pun intended) potty trained before his baby brother was born, but he was already 3 years old at that point. And those first 2 boys did most of the work training boy#3 -- I honestly do not recall much of it at all!
    I highly recommend the big brother helping little brother training process. :)
    By the time the 4th boy needed training, I enlisted the big brothers once again. Score!!


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