Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A List for Tuesday. A Tuesday List.

  • I had book club yesterday morning, and afterward I marveled at how a certain television show has the ability to make an otherwise intelligent and well-educated group of women say things like "Oh. Mah. Gah," and "Can you even belieeeeeeve about poor Anna," and "It's just- it's just- I can't.  I just can't."  Yes, we also talked about our book, but when your book club meets the morning after Downton Abbey airs, you've got to expect barely intelligible gibberish.  It's loads of fun.  No, really.  It is.

  • Yesterday the temp hit somewhere around forty degrees (I may or may not have sung Martha and the Vandellas' Heat Wave a time or two thousand, which my children absolutely LOVED), which was around sixty degrees warmer than it was last week.  While I love the fact that we didn't have to wear six layers of clothing just to take the trash out, I find myself longing for some more sub-zero temperatures.  No, cabin fever has not caused me to lose my sanity (yet. probably.); rather, I recently read a report talking about how this winter's extreme cold temps has killed off a bunch of nasty insects, which hopefully means you won't have to suffer through as much of my incessant whining about Japanese beetles this summer.  According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, however, we need at least two days in a row with temps of -38 degrees Fahrenheit before we can see decreased numbers of the Emerald Ash Borer, and unfortunately wind chills don't count, or we'd have been there long ago.  The Ash Borer is that nasty bug that's killing all the Ash trees in the US, and it's set to hit central Iowa within the next couple years.  This is bad news for our family, as the five gigantic trees in our backyard are all Ashes.  Blargh.  Let this be a lesson to you to plant diverse species of trees in your yards, friends.  On a related note, no word yet on how cold it has to be before the rabbits start dying off.  I do know that it hasn't been cold enough, because almost every time I look out our back window there's one cheeky little bugger sitting in the middle of the snow, staring at the house.  I figure he's decided he's going to sit there right through the rest of winter until my tulips begin to sprout, because apparently this particular rabbit has a death wish.

  • You know those two foolish gifts I mentioned a couple posts ago?  The ones they received from their grandparents?  The ones I'd love to blame on said grandparents, except I can't, because Derek and I actually suggested them?  Well, one was legos, because read any article about educational toys, and you'll learn of the many virtues legos evidently possess, none of which I can call to mind right now.  Thankfully, I wear slippers 99% of the time in the winter, thus protecting my feet from those tiny barbs, except for that one time a few days ago when I somehow stepped on a dark one that blended in with the rug and made me squeal in pain and fully expect to see a stigmata-like wound when I inspected the sole of the foot.  There was barely a red mark, almost no evidence at all in proportion to the amount of pain I was in, which I'm pretty sure is all part of the hidden malevolent genius that I'm now half-convinced resides in the heart of every tiny lego.  The other gift was a sword for each of our boys.  Caedmon lost no time at all very seriously telling his teachers at church that he received a knife for Christmas.  I think we might be on their Watch List now.


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  1. Emma and I watched the previous seasons of Downton Abby together, but apparently that won't be happening with this season. Maybe I'll watch it on my on.

    One of the first things we did when we bought our property back in 1998 was to have about five 50-year-old Ash trees taken down. All were half dead. Very sad. For this area, Hackberry is a really great tree, and luckily we had a lot of those too.

    Emma got handcuffs for Christmas, which are kind of hard to explain to people who don't know her :-)


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