Friday, February 21, 2014

Failed Duplicity

Caedmon has been getting himself into a bit of trouble lately.  Nothing serious, merely small naughty-isms that he must perform half a dozen times apiece before he learns that Oh!  Maybe I shouldn't do that anymore.

The wonderful thing about these daily rituals is that he appears to be utterly lacking the gene for slyness.  I can always count on being alerted to his dealings outside the (Crisler) law by two things:  Running and Declaration.

Yesterday morning, exiting the bathroom, I watched as Caedmon Ran wildly out of the kitchen and Declared, "I didn't drink your coffee!"

A few days before that, I came downstairs after putting away some clean clothes upstairs, only to have Cade Run up to me and Declare, "I wasn't messing with Adelaide's pens!"

One day last week he Ran into the living room just as I was walking in and Declared, "I don't know where the chocolate chips are!"  His face was much darker than usual, perhaps because it was covered in chocolate.

It is (almost) always so, so difficult not to laugh when he does this.  I'm usually able to keep my composure, however, because my favorite part of this little play we perform is when I kneel down and say, "Caedmon, I know it was you who colored on the floor," "Caedmon, I know you were playing with my makeup," "Caedmon, I know you ate a sucker without asking."  The look on his face is pure astonishment tinged with not a little dazzled amazement at the Mommy Magic I must be employing to bring about this parental omniscience.  I know that worldliness is creeping in and, too soon, he'll learn more devious forms of disobedience.  I like to think that this simple innocence, present even in his three-year-old deceit, is compensation for all the hard parts of parenting littles.

Now if only he'd keep this practice up through his teenage years (although, I'm not gonna lie, I shudder to think what his Declarations would sound like then).


  1. Oh my goodness, not only is he missing the gene for slyness, he seems to have two helpings of some other gene, although I'm not sure what to call it. It's a little like one of my favorite bumper stickers: "I can't see you, so don't pretend to be there." :-)

  2. LOL! What a love!

    And this reminds me of Destry when he was little. I would hear a huge crash and then he would yell "Nothing happened!"


  3. This is priceless! I'm surprised his siblings haven't taught him about deceit.

    My kids ALWAYS find out where the chocolate chips are, but they don't announce it.


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