Friday, February 28, 2014

What Species of Reader Are You?

I found this awesome, fascinating, magnificent, so, so fun infographic on Pinterest last night, and spent way too much time trying to classify myself when I should have been sleeping.


According to this, I am a *deep breath* Book Lover-Compulsive-Book Cherisher-Hoarder/Library Lover.  But also a Book Lover-Compulsive-Book Abuser-Book Buster (but only for paperback books I own).  But also a Book Lover-Compulsive-Book Abuser-Underliner and Scribbler (but only for nonfiction I own).  But also a Book Lover-Situational-App Happy.  But also a Book Lover-Situational-Comfort Reader (I identified very, very strongly with this one, except that while I own a lot of books in general, within that collection I have a smallish group of comfort books that I have read approximately one billion times).  But also a Book Lover-Situational-Social-Evangelist (but only for very, very specific books, like Harry Potter and 7).  But also a Book Lover-Situational-Social-Book Clubber.  But also a Book Lover-Free Range-Cross-Under.  But also (strangely) an Other Reader-Hater-"I Love to Hate It" Reader (I find throwing books that I hate across the room to be intensely satisfying).  All that to say:  I'm apparently a Cross-Bred Reader Mutt.

Crikey.  Now it's your turn.  What species of reader are you?  Aren't we having the best time?  No?  Just me?


  1. Mostly I'm complicated. I used to say I love to read, but found I never liked many of the books that other readers recommended. That's mostly because I can't read novels with too much angst or blood and gore. For instance, I tried reading "Memoirs of a Geisha" with the intent to join a book club, but I couldn't stand the injustice and had to stop reading.

    But I can read non-fiction history that discusses plenty of ACTUAL angst, gore, and injustice. Go figure.

    I am a book-hoarder turned library-lover. I am a sleepy bedtime reader. I also love literature from previous centuries, which makes me an anachronist, but I have never read "Remembrance of Things Past". It has cookies in it?!

    I rarely remember the plot of a book, which is delightful, because then I can read and re-read and enjoy the plot every time!

    Thank you for listening. I feel that I have just attended my first Readers Anonymous meeting. So refreshing to have finally confessed!

  2. Book Lover - Compulsive- Book Abuser - Re-Reader. Although I also identified with several of the other categories.

  3. Well, I am a Compulsive Book Worshipper, and Compulsive Book Buster. Funny how a person can be both of these. I'm also a Situational Kindle Convert. I just read an actual book, for the first time in a few years (not counting textbooks) and I found it painful :-)

  4. LOVE IT! I'm definitely a cross-bred reader mutt. My strongest breeds are Book Lover-Compulsive-Book Abuser Book Buster/Underliner-Scribbler/Multitasker/Re-reader/Promiscuous but I"m also a Situational Omnireader and Comfort Reader and Social Evangelist and Book Clubber. . .oh, and Free-Ranger All-the-Timer and Eclectic. :D

    I might just be a big mess! HOW FUN!


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