Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Listy Sort of List

  • This morning I looked around and realized everything in our house was empty.  Empty Kleenex boxes.  Spray bottles empty of their cleaner in the bathrooms.  Empty laundry detergent bottle.  Empty baking soda shakers and empty soap dispensers, also in both bathrooms.  Close to empty fridge (well, as empty as our fridge ever gets anymore).  This is apparently what happens when I'm sick for several days in a row- nothing necessarily falls apart, which is comforting, I suppose, things just don't get refilled.  So I spent the morning mixing up some all-purpose cleaner for both bathrooms (half vinegar, half water, a squirt of dish soap), refilling the baking soda (I use it when I need an abrasive when I'm cleaning, it's kept in old parmesan cheese containers because they have lids perfect for shaking a bit out into the toilet or bathtub), refilling hand soap dispensers (this one is good, because it means my family has been listening when I say WASH YOUR HANDS WASH YOUR HANDS WASH WASH WASH YOUR HANDS), setting out new tissue boxes, grocery shopping, and making a fresh batch of laundry detergent (I use the Duggars' recipe).  I started all that make-your-own-detergent-and-cleaners business several years ago because 1) it's super duper cheap, 2) takes very little time (less than a minute to make the all-purpose cleaner, around twenty very easy minutes to make the detergent), and 3) when I began, our kids were all tiny and daring connoisseurs of just about anything toxic they could get their grimy little hands on.  

  • Why the crazy shouting about washing your hands?  Because kids are filthy, filthy creatures, that's why.  I feel that I can say this with impunity because I've spent the past week wiping never-ending streams of snot from our younger children's noses, throwing my arm violently across my face because Caedmon won't stop coughing in my face (this also works as a nonverbal reminder to cough into your elbow, which is good as I've all but lost my voice), and using warm, wet washcloths to clean and coax Caedmon's eyes open in the middle of the night.

That is a raging case of pinkeye- in both eyes, of course, because we're not under-achievers around here, at least not in the things that count, like infectious diseases.  Atticus had it last week, but it was way less severe and shorter lived.  Cade is smiling in this picture because even being sick for five days straight can't dampen his spirits.  

  • Every time I look out the bathroom window downstairs, the devil's offspring is sitting there.  

Look at him.  It's like he can sense where my tulip bulbs are planted.  


  1. I swear, you have the cutest children in the world. Cute even with pink-eye!

    Hmm . . . I have not seen a rabbit yet. Somehow, I had forgotten about their existence --it must be the 90 days of snow cover.

  2. That creature is definitely an Attack Rabbit, a well-fed Attack Rabbit.

    Please please please I hope you don't get pink eye. I, too, am shouting WASH YOUR HANDS, from all the way over here, at all kids everywhere.


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