Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Newsy Kind of List

  • My baby sister had a baby yesterday.  The baby of my family now has two babies of her own.  This would be strange except both my sisters somehow produce the most scrumptious babies you've ever seen in your entire life.  She and her husband (because she is an adult; I just realized I'm making her sound like a teen mom or something) didn't find out the sex of the baby while pregnant, which is one of my very favorite things ever.  I love the anticipation of not knowing and the hot debate of Boy or Girl, although I could do without all the "well, since you're carrying all in front it's a girl," and "you know you're having a boy when a birthmark in the shape of Bolivia appears on your rump" nonsense.  So before yesterday, nobody knew that Steph was gestating another GIRL.  They named her Elliot Ann (adorable!), and I can't wait to see how her tank of a big sister, Vada, attempts to smother little Elliot with love.

  • I watched another documentary last night (no more Bronies, I swear).  It was Happy People: A Year in the Taiga, the one about the self-sufficient people of a small village in Siberia, and it was AMAZING.  I wish I could send Doctor Who to each one of your homes to kidnap you and bring you here to force you to watch it with me, only since I've already seen it, I'd probably spend half the time re-watching it on the television and the other half staring at your faces to watch your reactions.  It would be fun and not at all creepy.  There's so, so much I could tell you about it, but I'm afraid of ruining it for you if there's even the tiniest chance you'll ever watch it, so I'll just tell you about three of my favorite parts: 1) May 1st is Russia's equivalent of Labor Day, and one of their festivities is the curious practice of burning a scarecrow-type figure wearing a dress, which you don't really understand until the narrator informs you that they're "burning Winter in effigy."  RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU COULD DO WITH SOME BURNING OF WINTER IN EFFIGY.  2)  Gorgeous.  It is all fairy-tale gorgeous there: massive amounts of snow on the mile upon mile upon mile of forest, the breaking up of the river in the spring where it looks like the entire landscape has just decided to start moving itself along, the beautiful Russian language you get to hear as the trappers describe all their preparations and activities.  3)  It's truly remarkable everything they do by hand: making their own mosquito repellent from birch trees, making their own insulation out of moss and earth for their hunting huts, making their own skis, making their own everything.  If you loved Laura Ingalls Wilder or marveling at other cultures or if you're a human being, you should watch this film.  Incredible.

  • At the direction of Cassi Renee and Common Household Mom, I picked up some Liquid Fence this morning, as the rabbits have been eating my tulip shoots and this is bad for my blood pressure.  Here's hoping I've finally found something that works, other than searching Pinterest for a good recipe for rabbit stew, that is.


  1. I am ignoring the baby for a moment to say, "YES! I AM RAISING MY HAND! I WANT TO BURN WINTER IN EFFIGY!" Sorry for shouting. I do feel strongly about this.

    Oh, that baby is sweet. Welcome to the world, Elliot Ann.

    Liquid Fence - now my reputation is on the line. I hope it works for you. We had torrential rains for the past two days, which must have washed off the Liquid Fence I had applied. Today I went out to inspect my crocuses, and they have been chomped. I am outraged.

    Going now to look up the shape of Bolivia....

  2. Liquid fence worked for us. Stinky though...

  3. We wanted the surprise as well --I'll always remember the doctor asking Rob "So, are you going to tell her?" :-)

    Liquid Fence does need to be reapplied after a strong rain. They say the animals will "learn" to avoid the area, but I've never trusted that :-) After all, we have so many rabbits I can never be sure it's the same family!

  4. 1. i would totally watch that documentary with you.

    2. i admit i was a bit disappointed, as i read the title of this post as 'a newsies kind of list.' i love me some babies, but i also love me some newsies. so i feel torn. (i'm also realizing i need to take a bit more time to actually READ words and not just ASSUME words.)

  5. 1) Yes, it would be fun and not at all creepy.
    2) Just got home from Beth Moore's conference so I'm hearing the "Raise your hand if you could do with some burning of winter in effigy" in her drawl.
    3) I'm hoping this documentary was on your new-find-Netflix so I can easily watch it as well.


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