Monday, April 14, 2014

Once Upon a Time, There Was a List

  • The Liquid Fence appears to be working.  (I may or may not have stood at the entrance to the rabbits' burrow under our shed and cackled madly when I discovered this- but quietly, because we live in town and have neighbors.  Quiet evil laughter is harder to execute than you might expect.  Go on, try it.  Get as villainous as you can but don't let your co-workers or family members or dog hear you.  It's surprisingly difficult, huh?  Apparently evil calls for volume.  The things you learn.)  The chewed ends of the tulip leaves have begun to mend themselves, and I haven't detected any further illegal consumption of my pretties.  I have thus begun composing an epic musical masterpiece dedicated to Liquid Fence.  And by "epic musical masterpiece," I mean I've been singing Smelly Cat but substituting the word "rabbit" and adding quite a bit more verbal venom to the lyrics.

  • In other plant news, my seedlings are coming along nicely.

I just love this stage.  So young, so innocent.  They still believe everything you say but haven't started mouthing off when you're out in public.

  • We went to Derek's parents' new house again a couple weeks ago, and two things of note happened (well, probably more than that, but I only remember two):  We had THE BEST Mexican food, which sounds trivial, but please understand, I love Mexican food, and have been utterly unable to find any decent offerings of it since moving to Iowa.  I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that we were too far north, too far away from, you know, Mexico, when we went to Lomita's.  
I admit, I was skeptical.  Derek's parents had been there once before, but I don't know how many Iowans have recommended really terrible Mexican food to me. (Hint:  A LOT)  Then there was the fact that it was a lunch buffet.  I envisioned a taco bar with store-bought hard shell tacos and bagged cheddar cheese.  Plus there was the apostrophe-s in the name of the place.  Nothing Spanish about that.

I was so.wrong.  This place.  Run by actual Mexicans with the actual spiritual gift of making people fat with their insanely delicious food (oh, you don't remember that one?  I'm pretty sure it's right after speaking in tongues and before interpretation).  There's one guy whose only job appeared to be re-stocking the amazing buffet.  Just a constant back and forth between the kitchen and the buffet with fresh taquitos, fresh fajita fillings (juicy chicken, tender steak, flavorful strips of vegetables- I dream about those vegetables.  It is not normal for me to dream about vegetables, okay?), THE BEST queso blanco that I would happily drown in if they'd only fill a jacuzzi with the stuff, fresh guacamole (I don't even usually like guacamole), fresh flour tortillas individually wrapped in aluminum foil to keep them warm.  And I just listed maybe ten percent of what was offered on that buffet.  I mean honestly, who knew you had to travel an hour NORTH to get good Mexican food?  Not I, said the hungry girl.

After I put away a terribly impressive amount of food (man, I am such a catch.  Someone remind Derek how lucky he is), we all decided a hike through my in-laws property was in order.  This time it was four adults and three kids, a ratio much less conducive to losing one of said children and causing me to hyperventilate.  Derek took pity on Caedmon toward the end (it was a pretty long hike for a 3-year-old, and we went through a bunch of tangles of thorns that were taller than he was) and carried him.  From my vantage point behind them, I was able to witness Cade's transformation of pathetic, downcast face when on his own two poor feet to small, triumphant smile after Daddy had hoisted him up.

We also got a family photo, which is rare.  We don't even ask that everyone's smiling anymore, just that all five bodies are present.

To all of our friends who have asked us, "Is Caedmon this happy ALL the time?", please click to embiggen and see that no, our Cade is more than capable of unhappy pouting.  And yes, there are two other photos I could have chosen where he was not pouting, but neither of those made me laugh.


  1. Only "once" upon a time, hmmm?

    Thanks for getting Smelly Cat in my head. grrrr
    THE BEST Mexican food?! Dare I hope? Or have your standards just been lowered by the pathetic excuse for Mexican I have been exposed to since moving here?
    And the pouty pose is definitely adorable.

  2. Is it just me or does my hand look absolutely MASSIVE in the family photo (the one holding Cademon's hand and on Atticus' chest in the glove)?

  3. I don't know Derek --I can't even FIND your other hand :-)

    Mexican food is the best, but how can you love Mexican food and rarely like guacamole!?!

    Thank goodness you continue to blog, Kristy --I need to laugh more!

  4. Whenever I see that you have posted a list, Kristy, my day automatically gets better.

    I'm glad the Liquid Fence is working. I would like to invite you over to my yard to cackle madly at our attack rabbits and stealth moles.

    One of your seedlings looks like a swan. I am very interested to know what kind of plants they are.

    I love, love, love the family portrait. I have found, as my kids get older, that it is increasingly harder to gather us all in one place for a photo.

    My big question is, what is the creature on the path in front of Derek carrying Caedmon, but behind the other people further up? A cat? A black rooster? Just shadows playing tricks on me?

    1. That's a cat, midnight I believe is his name.


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