Saturday, April 19, 2014

The State of Our Backyard Address

Let's take a tour, hmm?

Hyacinths that I just found today, and only vaguely remember planting.  As for color, um... peach, maybe?  For some reason peach is coming to mind.  I could have sworn I planted the peach in the front yard, though, in a flower bed I have been vigilantly searching for apparently nonexistent hyacinth buds.

Daffodils!  Probably!

Rhuuuuuuuubarb.  Ugly at this point, but I'm confident it will blossom into something beautiful, no doubt after some hard, character-building lessons that will teach it compassion and empathy for its fellow plant.  

This is my favorite stage for sedum, all young and green and pretty.  Don't worry, rhubarb, looks aren't everything; sedum is relatively worthless compared to your deliciousness in pies and crumbles and tarts.  Except that sedum attracts all those bees and butterflies to our yard every summer and fall.  Imagine that- a beauty pageant contestant with a worthwhile Talent.  Wonders never cease.  (Does anyone, anyone have any idea what I'm talking about at this point?  Because I'm not sure that I do.)

I found these munchable tulip sprouts in a neglected corner of the backyard; because I had completely forgotten about planting them, I didn't spray them with miracle solution (aka Liquid Fence), and the rabbits had themselves a pagan feast.  They have since been sprayed, and will hopefully recover.  

And now, I need a volunteer to forcibly hold me down this fall until I agree to finally write down what bulbs I plant where.  You hereby have my official permission.  Until I forget.


  1. I just finished some work in the garden --it's 77 degrees here, and it's feeling a bit hot for the black sweatpants I put on this morning! I transplanted some orange iris, and Emma helped me add soil to a raised bed and replant the strawberries in it. Now I need a shower!

    You need the little garden signs Rob got me one year: they say "I don't remember planting this!"

  2. I once made not just notes, but a map, for crying out loud, of all the things I planted (bulbs, perennials, annuals), with different symbols for each kind of flora. I did this because I am my father's daughter. Then the weeds completely took over and I was demoralized.

    Oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that, because I don't want to stop you from writing down where you plant your bulbs. This is important if you want to protect them with Liquid Fence early in the spring. Go, Liquid Fence!


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