Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Thursday Night List

  • It's a summer Thursday night, which means I'm going over online garage sale listings for tomorrow morning.  Depending on what's listed, the kiddos and I will either head north or south; south is where I tend to head for our children's clothing, to a suburb chock-full of relatively fancy, high-end neighborhoods, and bless every one of those overspending mamas' little hearts.  North is my usual destination for vintage stuff and miscellany.  As for tonight's listings, south is full of vague descriptions like "kids items and clothing" and "TONS of kids clothes, all sizes."  Thanks for the maddening vagueness, South.  (For the LOVE, garage sale hosts, please, please, please list sizes of clothes!)  North, however, promises sales like "books, books, and more books!" and "library of beloved books going on sale," and "beautiful, low-care plants for sun or shade, starting at $2."   Well, jeez, twist my arm.  North it is!

  • Why can't I figure things out for myself?  You'd think I'd see all those yellow irises (iris irises iris irises.  Which do you say to express the plural of iris?  I say irises.  Except when I say iris.) that had fallen over, you know, the ones that I keep almost mowing over, and would realize that hey!  Those would make beautiful cut flowers to place around our home!  But noooo, I have to read it on Cassi Renee's blog, because apparently, I must be told to do even the simplest things.

And then, because we had enough for two vase-fuls (vase-fuls? vase-fulls? vases-full?  I apologize, it would appear that my brain shuts off at 10 pm.), we took the second vase to the local nursing home.

And by the way- if you have small children, this is a great thing for them to do.  It's almost free (those flowers are growing in your yard anyway, right?  And you can stock up on crazy-cheap vases at garage sales and Goodwill.), your kids will look almost criminally proud marching them into the nursing home, and the residents tend to love visits from little ones (one of our children may or may not have once referred to the nursing home as "the den of loneliness," which may or may not have almost made me cry).  For me, one of the hardest parts of multiple-small-children-in-our-home stage of life is the fact that it feels like you are always the one asking for help.  So any way that we can give back, such as small, do-able volunteering or acts of service that I can accomplish with our children are always welcome, and this is a good, easy one for us.

  • It's officially summer vacation, which means that our days are full of scenes like this one:

This appeared to be a trampoline game they were engaged in- I believe it was called "Crazy Chipmunk."  It seemed to consist of shoving each other around in a rough manner and then laughing hysterically.  Shockingly, this ended in tears.


  1. What a great idea --to bring the extra flowers to the nursing home. Sadly, I had to pitch mine into the compost before they were done blooming because the people I live with couldn't stop sneezing.

  2. "The den of loneliness." I will never look at nursing homes the same...

  3. My brothers used to play a game that should have been called "Let's see how hard we can hit each other." Being the middle child and a girl, I was always trying to keep them from playing that game.

    That is excellent that you take flowers to the nursing home, because it can indeed be a "den of loneliness". I think this is a huge good deed, and sorely needed. Right now most of our extended family's elderly are feeling lonely or bitter. They are not in nursing homes, but in excellent retirement communities, so I can't understand the loneliness, but it is there. Flowers and visits from small children push the loneliness away.


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