Monday, July 21, 2014


This summer.  I don't even know what's happened to it.  I mean, I can look back and pick out a few things here and there, mostly because I remembered to snap a few photos, but other than that?  It's just gone.  It feels like I was just meeting Adelaide as she got off the bus on her last day of second grade a week or so ago.  But no, here it's almost the end of July.  Two of our kids go to school one month from yesterday.  It's not enough time.  It's just not.

Before this post devolves into me planning how to make our home an impenetrable bubble from which our children can never escape, let's go over some high and low lights as to what we've been up to lately.

We went to go see Mike (Steve?  Bob?  Some other man name?) the Bubble Guy do a show.

Adelaide and Atticus both got called up to participate, which was fun.  I'm always pleased when any of our children (particularly Adelaide) refuse to let shyness or fear rule their experiences.  I think it was brave of them to get up in front of a big old group of people and volunteer.  

Even Derek had fun:

At one point this month I was forced to take a week off of running due to plantar fasciitis.  This made me a (fallen) angel to live with.  I've got it mostly under control now, but I've still had to decrease my weekly distance, trying not to exacerbate whatever's going on in my stupid, stupid foot.  One plus to all this was I had to go hunting for more yoga routines and found Rachel Scott, one of many yogis who has posted videos on  I love her teaching style:  she speaks in a strong, confident voice, none of that w i i s s p p y y, breahehehethy crap so many female yogis seem to be fond of, and she's very precise about where and how you need to place each part of your body, and why.  I'm a fan.

The kids and I went to our small local zoo:

The bald eagles were my favorite; they scared Cade.

The wallabies were more or less given free reign in the Australia section.

We headed down to the creek that trickles by a block or so from our house.  

This was ostensibly to collect small rocks to do this craft, but in reality to provide the local mosquitoes with their evening meal.

Oh, and remember those baby robins living in our front yard a few weeks ago?

I checked on them one day at the beginning of the month, and they'd gotten huge!  I couldn't believe how fast they were growing.  Then the next day, when I went to check again, they were gone.  Exactly zero people were astonished by this, except for me.  I was not emotionally ready to let go of these little guys who were most likely terrified of me.  The nest has remained vacant and desolate.

I need this next month to sloooow the heck down.  I need it to crawl.  I need to not panic at the thought of having two children in school in a month.


  1. We took Emma to see a bubble guy at our local children's museum once, and it was a lot of fun. Rob is way into bubbles, because that's what he did his Master's thesis on: bubble-ology. Although at the college they called it a study of minimal surfaces :-) Emma eventually taught herself to make a bubble within a bubble.

    I'm totally in agreement about slowing down the summer. It is going way too fast --I hate that school here starts before Labor Day --I've spent as many years teaching here as I did in school in Michigan, and it still just seems wrong to me that the last half of August doesn't get to be summer.

  2. I must be a bad mommy. Summer lasts too long for me, and that is still true now that two of mine are in college. Maybe that's because we have never seen The Bubble Guy. I have never even heard of such a thing, even though bubbles are SCIENCE and MATH. It looks like so much fun!

    That poor child, with his bug bites.

    Now I am going to see what craft you did with rocks.

  3. Looks like you guys are having fun--except for the bug bites.


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