Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June in Photos+Words

Somehow June is over.  While I'm not entirely sure how this happened, I thought it would be fun to do a "June in Photos" post with just pictures and no words, but then I remembered that I'm me and I can't do no words.  So I'm just going to put up a bunch of pics of stuff we did a lot in June, and also type a bunch of words in between.  Gracious, this post is breathtakingly exciting already.

Adelaide and I spent a lot of time sitting on the front porch, reading and sipping iced coffee (which can I just say is half milk with a heavy dollop of creamer, and it's a small glass full of ice, so just back off, mother-hating, caffeine-eschewing antagonists) (turns out I'm also a tad defensive today.  Huh.), because June was bee-you-ti-full, at least until it started raining and never ever stopped <insert requisite diluvial joke here>.  

And when the cats and dogs started a-comin' down, we moved ourselves indoors.  

We also forced reading upon others, me via this blog, Adelaide via the prisoners she calls toys.

Caedmon spent an alarming amount of time staring at his hands, which was a little worrisome until he told me he was trying to "get my fingers to do the fing that Spider-Man does when he shoots out his web."

This is not, in fact, how Spider-Man do, but I just have to ask:  Can you do this?  His ring finger is lying flat against his palm, his other four digits are extended straight, and he doesn't appear to be in any pain, which is all the opposite of what happens when I try and contort my hand in just such a fashion.

Our June was, of course, full of flowers, as we are not heathens.  Hello, peonies.

Hello, Huning lily.

These lilies, transplanted from Kansas to our fertile Iowa soil, have spread several feet in both directions and are seemingly intent on backyard domination.  I'll have to divide them next year, if anyone's in the market for ditch lilies.

Hello, yarrow.

Hello, Asiatic lilies.

Hello, scrumptious basil and vivid coleus.

Halloo, zucchini jungle.

Hello, spider in my sunflower.

You'll have to click to embiggen in order to see the spider and his web.

The boys spent mucho time golfing in the backyard.

That's a lovely golfer's tan you're wearing, Derek.

I became a bit obsessive over the birds nesting in our front yard.

Look at their wittle grumpy faces.  Haven't they grown?

You know what almost all these photos have in common?  GREEN.  They're all so green!  Time is racing by, and I'm trying to enjoy how lush it is outside without panicking a bit at the thought that every day we're a bit closer to the white wasteland that is winter.  You know, just to end this post on a positive note.


  1. The world is a better place for those little people you're raising. That's such a beautifully classic photo of Adelaide in the rocker, too. I keep trying to like iced coffee, but so far it hasn't happened.

    Beautiful gardens too! Derek has a golfer's tan --around here we have farmer's tans, except Emma who does all the outside work in her swimsuit so she can get in the pool AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after being forced to pick up branches and move junk out of the garage.

    I'd never heard the term "ditch" lily. We've used them to landscape around the propane tank, the woodshed, the light pole . . . very useful plant :-)

  2. Our elementary school used to have a contest over the summer, called "Caught Reading". We were supposed to take photos of everyone reading a book. Your photos remind me of that.

    That boy with his dexterous fingers - sign him up for violin or piano or SOMETHING. I tried to do that, and it hurt.

    Your flowers are gorgeouslovelybeautiful.

  3. "Hannah's" mom would like some ditch lily starts when you divide :) Thanks bunches!

  4. I would love some ditch lily! :0) All my Hostas have bit the dust the last couple years.


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