Monday, July 28, 2014

The Veggies of our Labors

Last week, in the midst of crazy vacation-prep hullabaloo, I stepped outside for a few moments so I wouldn't kill anyone.

This is how God speaks to me, by the way.  Moses got a burning bush.  Isaiah got rockin' visions.  I get a still, small voice that says, "Get out of the house, for Me's sake, before you maim someone."

So I got out of the house.

See this?

It's one of those sunflowers of the gorgeous packaging- the only one to grow of dozens I planted.  All my eggs are in this basket.  It better bloom, and it better wait til we get home.  

It's also well over six feet tall, so I'm glad the one that chose to grow is right next to the deck, so we'll actually be able to see the top.  

The coneflowers are in their prime, and usually playing host to pollinators.

Adelaide joined me outside for the reaping.  

"Reaping."  That word has such a sinister quality to it, post-Hunger Games, but not to worry.  We're just talking about vegetables.

The gourds are really starting to take off, too:

These 10 Commandments gourds are each bigger than my fist.

I felt much better after all that.  Nothing soothes like gourds, right?  I'm pretty sure that's an old Jewish adage.  Or something.


  1. I'm rooting for your sunflower! We grew a sunflower one year, but stupidly put it right next to the mailbox. It got huge, and then made a flower, which was promptly eaten by deer.

    The coneflowers are beautiful. I don't get their name, though. Do they resemble cones in some way that I am not seeing?

    Larry the Cucumber looks a little hung over this morning. And how come the Veggie Tales videos never had a sweet pepper character?

    Those gourds do look very interesting and soothing. If there is a gourd called "Ten Commandments" then there has to be a Jewish adage about gourds.

  2. Beautiful garden stuff :-) And that photo of Adelaide reminds me of helping my mom reap. After all the work of preparing, I hope your vacation is awesome!

  3. I'll never look at produce the same way again after seeing all that carnage.

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