Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"You Know What They Call That?"

"They call that a decade.  It's a long time."  (If you are not familiar with that movie quote, then I feel sorry for you.  Do yourself a favor and go watch Open Range.  For the children.  Or something.)

Ten years ago today, in north-central Oklahoma, it poured down rain, the wind blew fierce, a funnel skipped along the ground for a short time, and Derek and I got married.

We're just now reaching the point where sweet young things about to marry their young men will ask me questions about marriage and how to make it work.  My answers are invariably wise and articulate:  "Uh,"  "Hrm," "Hooo," and "You should pray a lot," which is GOOD ADVICE, but sounds vaguely threatening to newlyweds.

I don't even know where to start when asked that question, because to begin with, I never wanted to get married, and I know for a fact that young twenty-something me wasn't smart enough to look for someone like Derek in a mate.  I'm lucky he came back for more abuse after the first time I shut him down (in my defense, I truly don't like volleyball, and in his, Super-Jock Derek had no way of knowing he was talking to Anti-Jock Kristy), I'm lucky we lived far away from all our friends and family the first four years of our marriage (no well-meaning loved ones to run to when the going got tough with things like ARE YOU KIDDING ME SHE BETTER NOT HAVE and NO WAY YOU ARE NOT EVEN GOING TO LET HIM- for better or worse, we were stuck with each other and the surly inhabitants of the Nutmeg State), I'm lucky God was more concerned with pairing me with a good spouse than a clone of myself, which is probably what I'd have looked for if I was the one doing the looking.  I don't know how many people have said things like, "You and Derek are the funniest couple- I'd never think to put you two together," and "How did you even start dating each other?" and "You guys are like Ricky and Lucy from I Love Lucy!" which is completely true except that Derek isn't a tiny Cuban band leader and I'm not a beautiful red-headed charmer- so, it's not true at all, aside from the fact that I can be completely exasperating to live with and am often baffled by everyday things.

It's comforting to me, though, to know that it had to be God who paired a sports broadcasting major to someone who was like, "Sports?  HAHAHA NO THANKS" and "Television?  Eh,"  and a Psych Major with someone who was openly disdainful of, well, psychology.  We don't make sense on paper, but we know to put God first and how to be kind to each other and how to laugh and build each other up and are forever on and by and at each other's side.

Plus we make spectacular babies.

Happy Decade Anniversary, Husband!


  1. Woo hoo! Ten years! Bravo, congratulations, and fist pump to both of you and to God.

  2. I am embarrassed. I had to go look up what the Nutmeg State is, and it turns out I actually LIVED THERE for a number of years. But I never saw no nutmeg while I was there, so how was I supposed to know it is the Nutmeg State? Yes, the residents are surly, mostly.


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