Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wo wo woo woo wooooo

How's your week going?  Good?  Bad?  Hideously awful?

How about a little video of our Atticus to cheer you up?  How about I write this entire post in question format?

[You're going to want your volume up nice and loud for this.  Trust me.]

I have watched this video approximately thirty times.  I cannot help myself.  It's just so... Atticus.


  1. I wasn't even having a bad day, but THANK YOU.

  2. That is excellent and it made my day! Our week is shaping up on the hideously awful side, but this cheers me up a lot. This, and your other post about your kids' views of the start of school make me grin and laugh.

  3. :) I love his little stance when he "got serious". You can tell he's seen that knee bounce before. . .


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