Saturday, September 6, 2014


I love words and stories and ideas as much as the next person who reads too much, but sometimes the physical, something tangible you can hold in your hands, is good too.

Proof that my mother loves me:

Not that I ever doubted, or anything, but really, nothing says love like a Harry Potter rice pack, right?  Soothes a sore back, headaches, and a hurting stomach, plus it's MAGIC (you can tell by those little white star things printed all over the fabric- that's like, HP 101, tenderfoot).  Don't worry, she didn't leave any houses out:

Slytherin's on the back- or front, depending on how you feel about Slytherin

 Proof that fall is coming:

My favorite bulb catalog!  I've already got my eye on a bunch of crocuses, but am having a really tough time deciding on colors for next year's tulips.  It's been plaguing me for days now.  My life is so hard.

Proof that there are major benefits to children growing older:

Adelaide made these loaves of zucchini bread this morning.  You know what I did?  Grated the zucchini.  The end.  She did the rest.  Hallelujah.

Proof that Atticus leads a rough existence right now:

A week and a half after the initial incident, and the bridge of his nose is still swollen, but the bruising is better, and although it's hard to see in this photo, his lips are a mess.  Poor kid.

Proof that good can come of bad:

When I got back from our Labor Day travels, I walked into the backyard and found the giant sunflower tree-like thing had been felled by the previous night's storm.  A bit of a shame, but it's been keeping us in lovely cut flowers for our table ever since:

Proof that even gorgeous seed packets can't always be trusted:

Remember this?

This is what resulted:

Every single flower from those seeds has been this lovely shade of red and had exactly 50% of the petals it should have.  Pretty and unusual, to be sure, but not what was advertised.

Proof that our children are about 72% sweeter when they're asleep (let's not ponder too long about what this might mean, hmm?):

Cade and Adelaide slept on a bed of quilts on the floor at my grandparents' house.  I tried to disentangle Caedmon's fingers from his sister's hair, but even in sleep he was firm:  One set of fingers belonged in his mouth, the other in Adelaide's hair.


  1. I love, love, love it when kids learn to cook and bake all on their own.

    Your Atticus: that poor child.

    The yellow sunflowers in the vase are a beauty to behold. It's good you rescued them. I have to wonder if the red ones have a rare genetic mutation, or were lacking some nutrient that is required in a minuscule amount, or were attacked by aliens. Have you noticed a blue police box nearby?

  2. Atticus looks half-crazed :-) I love the way your boys look when you take photos like that --there is so much cuteness in their expressions. Does he get his own rice pack too?

    I've had similar experiences with seed packages where the picture on the front was not an actual photo. I tend to prefer photos, where at least I know at one point in time the flower existed as advertised.


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