Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A List

  • Burning Kansas:

Or not.  You know, whatever. 

(Image shown with permission from the artist.  Find out more about Dave Loewenstein and his work right here.)

  • This book:

You should only read this book if it's an ignore-the-dishes, I-can-function-on-only-three-hours-of-sleep, I'm-sure-the-children-are-fine (wherever they are), we-didn't-need-clean-clothes, eating-supper-is-overrated-anyway kind of day.  It's hilarious and thoughtful and engrossing and I sent Shonya a half-hostile, half-thankful message for recommending this book to me and robbing me of most of a night's sleep.  I have ordered three more of Ms. Moriarty's books through interlibrary loan and may or may not have promised cookies to whichever librarian could get them for me the fastest.  

  • #blessed
This post from the Very Worst Missionary very precisely mirrors how I feel about the Christian over-/ misuse of the word "blessed."





  1. Hee hee--so glad you enjoyed it too! I read The Husband's Secret. It was okay--not as good as Big Little Lies--but I still rather liked it. The epilogue was the best imo. :)

    What Alice Forgot is sitting here on my desk. I'm afraid to start it for the hyphenated reasons above. :)

  2. I have read all of Liane Moriarty's books since first reading "What Alice Forgot", but Big Little Lies deals with a tougher topic than the others, and does it incredibly well. Having been in an abusive relationship, and knowing the stories of others who were too, I'm amazed at how she exposed exactly what happens.

  3. Have not nor will not read those books. However I DID read the #blessed post and loved every single word of it. She is right on the money with her thoughts. Although I did consider asking her what I should now say when someone sneezes. Mostly I want permission to not say anything when someone sneezes.
    P.S. Read about her close encounter with the reptile.


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