Friday, November 21, 2014

A List

  • Have you guys seen this video?

Our kids are obsessed with this, and no wonder:  Michael Bublé (Caedmon's personal favorite), Idina Menzel (I can count on one hand the number of times our children have seen the movie Frozen, and yet they somehow know every word of the song Let It Go as performed by Menzel), and the whole video is lip-synced by kids?  With the added bonus of mildly altered lyrics to make Baby, It's Cold Outside 95% less Sexual Predator Anthem-ish?  I say YES.

  • On our recent trip south, I forgot our camera.  I suppose it's better to forget the camera than all your kids' pajamas (been there) or shoes for your preschooler (done that) or shampoo (almost every time), but it sure felt like a tragedy.  And I'm not even a particularly talented photographer.  I just like to take too many photos of my nieces; is that so wrong?  

Thankfully, my mom graciously allowed us to use her camera and her phone to take photos while we were there.  And by "us," I mostly mean Atticus.  I think he snapped around 3/4 of the pictures during our time there, so most of them are blurry, and many feature his fingers in the corner, but it's interesting to see things from his perspective.

  • I finally found a way to make Derek like homemade chicken noodle soup:  Add heavy cream and plenty of garlic.  This recipe for Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup was a winner with our family, which feels like a bit of a miracle; everyone but me in this house seems to be innately suspicious of soup, which makes no sense as we live in the kind of climate for which soup was surely created.


  1. Forgetting your camera when seeing nieces is actually worse than forgetting your kids...just so you know :) I love how Atticus sees you and Derek, and you should check out The Lady's Chicken Noodle Soup (Paula Deen). Very similar, but parm cheese too (more calories=better)

  2. I like your son's photos. When I gave my son a camera, at about age 8, what did he take pictures of? The inside of his own mouth.

    What IS that thing on your arm? It looks creepy.

  3. What IS that thing on your arm, and why is your tongue blue?

    I remember when Emma started taking photos --it is kind of cool to see what they choose to photograph.

    I have seen that video, and it is really charming. Nice, too, that the stars didn't feel the need to be in it at any time.

    1. It's a rubber spider thing, and my tongue is blue because I had just eaten some kind of blue candy. I'm amazed you noticed the tongue!

  4. I am taking a picture of the picture of you and Derek. And I am making it your profile picture in my phone. That is how much I like it. You're welcome. Mrs. Z :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the video--although my favorite version is still the one in Elf. :)

    Love seeing the trip from his perspective. Easton took pictures when we went to Chicago this summer and I enjoyed his pictures so much.


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