Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Make Them Listen to You

It's election day.

Adelaide has been asking more and more about elections, the political process, etc, and I was happy to hear her interested and questioning until a couple weeks ago when she off-handedly said, "I don't think I'll ever vote."  

I took a deep, deep, deeeeep breath, and although my nostrils may have been flaring while I did so, that was the only part of me I allowed to have its way; the rest I kept admirably under control, and very calmly told her, "Huh.  Maybe you should have been born a hundred years ago," (a continuation of an ongoing conversation we have on what era we believe we would have thrived in).  She asked me why, and I explained that women weren't allowed to vote at that time, so she would have fit right in!  Exclamation Point!  

When she then questioned just why women weren't allowed to vote, I said, "Oh, didn't you know?  Women aren't smart enough to vote!  They- you and me, haha!- simply don't have the proper intellect or decision making skills needed to have a say in who runs our government."  

Oh, was she pissed, but she was pissed and is now eager to vote.  Crisis averted.


  1. In my house I have found that this is a constant battle. For the last presidential election I managed to convince my oldest child to register and to vote (mainly by letting her know how disappointed Grandma would be if she didn't). My son reached voting age last year, but hasn't bothered to register. It's appalling to me how little interest they have in voting.

  2. I'm glad you got Adelaide good and pissed off! I wish college-age young women were equally as pissed off --and as aware of the possibility of losing rights they take for granted.

    Election day should be a holiday. Life is busy, and for too many people, voting is at the end of a list of must-do items.


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