Thursday, December 11, 2014

Comedy vs Tragedy vs Fierce

Last week, both Atticus and Adelaide had their schools' winter concerts.

Obviously thrilled to look out and see a packed house.

This is the fourth year we've had the pleasure of watching our daughter perform in these little vocal exhibitions, and it's always been enjoyable.  Getting up and singing in front of a large audience isn't really Adelaide's cup of tea, but she dutifully learns the songs and performs them with reliability if not gusto.

The expression on her face for 98% of her time on stage.

She had a small speaking part this year, which she recited perfectly.  Bravo, Adelaide.

Since Atticus is in kindergarten, this was his first year to stand up in front of all those people and sing.  He's watched Adelaide alongside the rest of us for the past several years, and I thought that perhaps he would follow his elder sister's lead and give us a perfunctory performance.




Ours is the one acting like he's lost his mind, right next to the sweet girl who's probably wondering if she should stage some sort of intervention.

All his wild gestures and barely restrained enthusiasm were so entertaining to watch, although it was a little disconcerting to be the parent of the stage ham; we've certainly never played that role before.

I feel like Atticus and Adelaide belong on those drama faces- you know, the comedy and tragedy things.

Yes, those!

But then which will Caedmon be?

It's hard to say.


  1. That is MOST hilarious! Oh, your son's expression and the look on that girl's face are just priceless.

    I appreciate that the children are not dressed uniformly. When they all are required to wear the same color it's very difficult to spot one's own child in the crowd. Of course, maybe some parents want their child to blend in with the rest. (Tee hee!)

  2. Haha! Emma was similar to Atticus at that age. We have a fabulous picture of her in one of her winter programs where her arms are spread out (in front of other kids faces, of course), her mouth is wide open, her eyes are almost closed in ecstasy . . . then she hit the upper elementary years, and it was all whining and complaining from there. I miss the days when she could let her self be so free to feel the joy in the midst of a crowd :-)

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  4. Isn't it nice of our children to be completely different from one another to keep our lives from being boring?


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