Monday, January 19, 2015

A List

  • First, something that's been bothering me:  In a recent post, I stated that tea is nasty.  And I do think some forms of tea are nasty:  unsweetened iced tea, regular black tea, just about any type of tea that tastes like actual tea leaves and hasn't been otherwise flavored.  However.  I drink tea most nights when it's cold outside, but it's this stuff:

Does herbal tea even count?  Are there bona fide tea leaves in herbal tea?  These are the questions that burn through my brain.  I mostly just drink it because it's warming and smells amazing (I spend more time with my face above the mug vigorously inhaling than I do actually drinking) and, with a tiny drizzle of honey, tastes like a treat- a caffeine-free, sugar-free (well, without the honey), everything-free treat.

I feel so much better.  My conscience is once again light as a feather.

  • A friend generously gave us a sack of hand-me-down costumes at church last week.

Caedmon has worn that muscle-bound suit for five straight days now.  On Wednesday he ran into the library, tore his coat off, then announced to everyone who was surely just waiting for him to arrive, "IT'S JUST A COSTUME.  These aren't my real muscles.  But I am really Batman."  We went to go have lunch with Adelaide at school Thursday, and he wore the suit "so I can show all the lunch people, if I have time."  This entire post is brought to you courtesy of my procrastination, because that kid needs a bath but I don't yet feel up to wrestling him out of that padded costume he's wearing even now.  Caedmon is very wriggly.

More scenes from his muscle-bound week:

Batman reading about himself with his Daddy, and below, playing Don't Lose Your Head!  

In truth the above photo was a happy accident of perspective; Caedmon was a good three feet away from that sword and this photo catches him mid-stride as he runs through the house and past the sword, gasping for breath.  Derek was... being an over-sized boy playing with a sword, I guess.  Or a fun dad.  Or both.

  • I got the best birthday present a couple weeks ago:

My dad got me an Amazon gift card for my birthday back in early December.  Now, I don't know if you know this, but there's a lot of stuff to choose from on Amazon.  It can be the tiniest bit overwhelming.  So I've spent the past month thinking and thinking and then thinking some more, before I finally found it.  A library embosser.

This is a fantastic gift idea for the bookworm in your life.  It can be surprisingly hard to buy an actual book for such people, as they go through them so fast and people's tastes vary so much, but a library embosser allows them to mark their own literary territory, so to speak, so they (hopefully) get all those books they tend to loan out to friends back someday.  Plus it looks pretty dang snazzy for only $20.

The end.


  1. I love black tea, very hot, with milk, no sugar, thank you very much (sticks pinky out).

    But lately I have found I can't drink that much real tea, so I have taken a liking to peach tea, which is herbal. I also like peppermint tea and apple tea. But I don't think herbal tea is True Tea. When I was in France, they called herbal tea "infusion" which makes it sound almost medicinal.

    Your Batman is adorable, muscles and all. I am glad to hear that he has not lost his head.

    The embosser is COOOOOL.

  2. First, I started "We Are All Besides Ourselves" last night, and read far too long! Great writing, I'm so enjoying it.

    I hate tea --the kind made with tea leaves. I can smell it a mile away. When I was in Tanzania doing field work I often had to choke "milky tea" down to be polite. (They were a British colony, obviously.) I sometimes drink a version of chamomile tea, which as CHM said, is an "infusion". Mostly just when I'm sick, though --I'm a coffee enthusiast any time of the day.

    You really do have the cutest kids. That picture of Caedmon snuggled up next to Derek is wonderful.

  3. Drooooool

    I want, I want, I WANT!

    (the embosser, obviously)


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