Monday, January 26, 2015

A List

  • My sister Steph sent me a text yesterday that read "A movie for Atticus."

I can only assume this horror movie is being made by people who have been stalking Derek and me for the past few years, as I'm pretty sure the above is exactly what I look like after a night of our Atticus's night terrors.  I bet this whole movie is a dramatization of what would happen if the parents of night terror-stricken children acted on the irrational and murderous thoughts that run through our brains after years of sleep deprivation.  I'm expecting a new source of income from these film-makers and will use it to invest in a set of fancy ear plugs.  

  • It's warm outside today.  So warm that, when Caedmon and I dared to venture out back, he declared it to be "super hot out here!"  He then asked if he could play with play dough (not Play-Doh, because I make our own play dough for pennies as opposed to spending whole dollars on the store-bought stuff), because I am a mean, mean mother who will only let her children near play dough when they are safely outside the confines of her house.  We busted out the play dough I made a couple years ago, but it's starting to get a little overly sticky, so he asked that I make a new batch.  I did, and am now "the best mom ever!"  One of the best parts of having small children is the ability to impress with a little flour, salt, and cream of tartar.  
Amazing how you go from this:

To this just five minutes later:

My aunt Sherry has said that you can use a packet of Kool-Aid instead of food coloring if you also want scented play dough, but I never think to buy Kool-Aid when I'm at the store.  Do people still drink that stuff?  Do they still make that stuff?

A bonus to fresh-out-of-the-pot play dough is that you can use it to warm your hands outside, because what Caedmon and I thought was "super hot" outside turned out to be about 35 degrees.  Warmth is relative, friends.

Sure, I had to clean bits of ice off the table before he could play, and no, he didn't really have a chair to sit in because those go in our basement during the winter, but that still beats digging dough out of our rugs.  

  • Caedmon has a bit of a cold.  Nothing too bad (as long as I don't catch it), but enough for him to occasionally run to Adelaide for a bit of comfort.

This is pretty much the cutest thing ever, and yet another benefit to having a four-year-old.


  1. I, too, banned play-doh in the house. In fact, Play-doh was one of the major reasons that I sent my children to preschool.

    When siblings provide comfort to one another, it is one of the greatest gifts a parent can have. It is the most hopeful thing there is. I love those photos.

  2. Considering your very active imagination, I doubt if you should watch that movie. . .


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