Thursday, January 1, 2015

"All I Want For Christmas Are Weapons of Mass Destruction"

The title of this post may not be precisely what our boys requested, but it is, in essence, what they wanted.

It is also what they received.  Come, Lord Jesus.  Soon.  Please.

Caedmon got a Batman sword.  

And Batman nunchuks.  And a Batman dagger, which you can just see tucked into his belt there, which was actually one of mine, and is made of soft tan velveteen.  Just like Batman would wear.

Atticus got ninja stuff.

Caedmon also got a little toy rifle, which he likes to use when wearing the paper cape his sister made him for Christmas.  She even curled the end to aid in its fluttering in his wake when he runs.

Our resident superhero also got some awesome screen-printed muscles in the form of Batman footie pajamas, with detachable cape, of course.  Just in time, too; his old, holey, too-small, loved-to-rags Batman pajamas were starting to make him look like homeless PTSD-riddled Batman.  He has now been restored to his former glory, which must mean he's currently in the third movie of whatever Batman trilogy he mentally stars in.

Click to embiggen, for the sake of your eyeballs.

Our children didn't just get materials to stock our household armory; Adelaide got a much longed-for giant artist's kit, Atticus got sports stuff, and Caedmon got tools and a tool belt, and we all got the baby Jesus, plus a few miscellaneous things like much-needed warm, layering clothing and games and a harmonica.  Between several sets of grandparents and great-parents and a few loving aunts and uncles (and Jesus), they're set for the year.  Derek and I only ever get each of them one gift from us, and one gift from Santa.  The gift from us is something they need (this year it was thick, waterproof mittens, which I know work splendidly because after wearing them indoors for several minutes Caedmon announced that "They're too hot; they make my hands slimy!").

Atticus intent upon attaching the net to his basketball hoop.
Caedmon intent upon doing something with this tools.  I don't know what.  

Now that we've got all this new kid stuff in our house, I get to go through and choose what we're getting rid of, which is one of the beauties of living in a house with limited storage space:  Something comes in, something else must go out.  I've got five grocery sacks full of toys so far.  The children have come close to tears; I am gleeful.  CHRISTMAS IS OVER, KIDDIES MUAHAHAHA.

On Christmas Day:

 During Mommy's Post-Christmas Purge:

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  1. I love all of this. But my favorite is the paper cape made by Sister. What a wonderful idea!

    Waterproof mittens were the one thing my son asked for this year. He is 19 years old.

    I am also inspired to think that I could use an exercise shirt with screen-printed muscles on it.


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