Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Husband is So Selfish

It's Sunday night, Downton Abbey is on, and what is my husband doing?  Watching some football game.

It's also Groundhog Day, so even if we weren't going to watch Downton, it's tradition for us to watch the comedic genius of Bill Murray together, but no.  Instead he's watching football.

Some might say he's earned the right to watch the most important game of the year in one of his favorite sports because he was outside at 5:30 this morning clearing our driveway so we could get out and go to church- but then church was cancelled due to unsafe road conditions.  So I would say a hearty "NO" to those people.

Others might bring up the fact that he was again outside this afternoon clearing away all the additional snow the skies dropped on us throughout the day.  Hey, I had a busy day, too.

I took pictures of our white street.

Derek cleaned off our vehicles.

I took pictures of our trees.

I also took pictures of my sad hydrangea bowed down under the weight of wet, heavy snow.

Then I scurried inside because the temperature was starting to drop from a manageable 16 degrees to God knows what and the wind was starting to blow and I am a delicate flower who was raised in warmer climes; I cannot be expected to deal with this extreme cold stuff.

Instead I go inside and take pictures of my husband doing snow stuff.  He was raised in these parts and thus thinks nothing of the nine or ten or however many inches we got today.

Please do not forget the topic at hand today, though:  My selfish husband.

Here he is struggling to plow a path next to my hydrangeas.  I just knew he was going to complain about how they were in his way and insist I cut them back, even though they've never been a problem before.  I composed a whole mental argument from the cozy innards of our home.  Never mind that he didn't end up saying anything about it; in my head he did.

I also took important photos of the last of my paperwhites.

While Derek did what?  More of the same.

A day of that and he thinks he can just watch whatever he wants for a night with a small boy tucked in beside him.  Yes, I got to pick what we watched last night, but this isn't about last night.  It's about tonight.

Being the gracious person I am, however, I have decided to forgive him this pretty major inconvenience to myself.  Someone in this marriage is really lucky.


  1. Is Derek actually using the snowblower on the lawn! in that one picture?! Isn't that a little extreme?

    Really, I can't imagine someone (called Derek) wanting control of the remote after such an easy day --I mean, really!

    1. The snowblower is stored in our shed, which is in the back corner of our backyard, almost as far away as you can get from the driveway. He plows a path-across the back and then front yards- from the shed to the driveway to the sidewalk. This also creates a path for the kids to reach the compost heap, which is in the same corner as the shed.

  2. That's looking like a lot of snow.

    Derek is our hero. I hope he likes the outcome of the game.

  3. I never knew I was that much taller than our van...


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