Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Spring(ish) List

  • You know it's spring when I force you to look at my teeny baby tulip sprouts:

Oliver Twist tulip shoots

I do this to you every year.  I'm so sorry.  (But not sorry enough to stop, muahahaha!)

Another thing I do year after year is tell you all about these mystery tulip shoots that I just don't remember planting.  I mean, I know I planted a load of bulbs last fall, but I can never remember quite where.  This year I also have vague memories of planting crocus bulbs, but darned if I can remember which bed they're in.  Probably one of those still half-buried in snow.  I may have also planted hyacinths?  Or not?  

I'm starting a Gardening Journal this year, complete with a map of our yard.  And this time I mean it!  (Did I or did I not type that exact sentence one year ago?  And possibly the year before that?)

Anyway, as you can no doubt see in that second photo up there, many of the tulip shoots are looking a little yellow and sickly, having been buried in leaves and snow, but three days of sunshine later they're looking much healthier.  I also bought a gallon of Liquid Fence this morning, in the hopes of staving off any Demon Rabbit rants that also mark spring on this blog.

  • I'm still a little obsessed with taking pictures of our kids while asleep.  I took this one of Caedmon ten minutes ago.

I took this one of Caedmon four years ago.

Gaaaaah THE FEELS!

  • In addition to Liquid Fence, I bought a whole bunch of seeds this morning, which made me feel absolutely suffused with happiness.  That is the Glory of Seeds.  There's even a Peter Cetera song about it.  Trust me on this one; he's really singing about gardening, because Seeds = Love.  In addition to all these new seeds, I still have a bunch of packets of old ones, because it's against my religion to throw out old seeds (I need Common Household Mom to write me a few verses on this topic from a suspiciously authentic-sounding book of the Bible, because she is brilliant at this.)  Fear not, though, friends!  This post on How to Test [Old] Vegetable and Annual Seeds was delivered straight to my inbox (FROM JESUS... by way of Mr. Jacobs) today, so those seeds will no longer languish in my seed drawer in the laundry room.  

The end.


  1. (singing) We did it all for seeds. . . .

    Yeah. . .don't think so!

  2. I took a walk in the yard this afternoon (56 F!!) and found two tiny snowdrop buds. But the ground doesn't feel quite as frozen as it did a week ago. And you've reminded me --I need to check on my liquid fence concentrate :-)

  3. I am very happy to look at photos of emerging spring bulbs and buds. But what's very precious are the photos of your little guy sleeping. With his hands in the same position. Oh!

    Thanks for the reminder to get my Liquid Fence. Demon Rabbit season is upon us.

    I will have to see what "the Bible" says about seeds. (And I have to say I am very touched to be asked to look for these verses!)


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