Friday, March 20, 2015


Our progeny have spent the past couple days living it up at their grandparents' house.  This means I got to run a bunch of miles, including a long run on the Heart of Iowa trail yesterday, which is pretty at any time, but yesterday they were burning the fields that snug up against the trail for about one of those miles. Thankfully the wind was blowing the smoke away from me, so I got to enjoy the merry, crackling fire and new charred earth as I ran.  

This sign is one of my favorites, as it means that, at least on the way back, I'm just under two miles from home.

Derek's in the middle of a super busy work week, including meetings in the evenings, so he hasn't really gotten quite the mini-vacation I have, but I did accompany him into work for a few hours last night and the evening before.  This prompted me to say things like, "Your job is seriously thankless sometimes," and "Ugh, you've been doing this all week?"  My words probably weren't exactly heartening, but maybe I'm a little more understanding than before.  I also managed to screw up the one job he gave me:  Placing microphones all around a table and plugging them into their corresponding pluggy-hole-things in this giant piece of expensive equipment.  After I had tangled all the cords and plugged everything into the incorrect slots, he said something along the lines of, "Why don't you go do book things?" but in a nice voice, and because we were at the library without children and he knows me.

We did manage to squeeze in one date after work Thursday night, when we went to the big newer grocery store in another even bigger nearby town, where we walked around with bug eyes at all the fanciness.  Friends, we've been Aldi shoppers for a solid decade now, so features like lights that only come in the freezers when you walk by, then flicker back off after a minute of no activity, aisle after aisle of gleaming bins of bulk candy, bulk granola, bulk coffee, etc, etc, and an in-house restaurant with real live waiters was a bit overwhelming for us.  Derek got a mixture of bulk chocolates, and I got $2-worth of bulk organic coffee.  Naturally I bypassed all the snooty, high class-sounding coffees and got Jamaican Me Crazy, which smells amazing when you stick your face right in the bag and inhale, as I have done every time I've walked past it on my kitchen counter.  Apparently "high quality Arabica beans... with a perfect blend of vanilla, caramel, and Mexican liqueur" will do that.  

I'm a little ashamed to admit I can't tell much of a different in taste from my ordinary coffee beans, although I'll be the first to tell you I have anything but a sophisticated palate.  Our house smells fantastic when I brew these puppies, though.  Not actual puppies, you understand, but the fancy beans.  Torturing metaphors:  Another hobby of mine.

And those were our two crazy kid-free days.  We're a wild couple, Derek and I.


  1. Pretty sign, and I can imagine the smell of those puppies... er, coffee beans (which smell better than puppies most of the time). I also inhale coffee. ;)
    Your dates sound like some of ours.

  2. A place called Story County could either be charming or scary. I'm thinking "Doctor Who-type adventure". I hope you didn't see any cybermen while you were out running.

    Ah, grocery store dates are wonderful. I'm glad to see that chocolate was purchased. The coffee purchase is probably good, too, but I am not a good judge of that. I love the smell of coffee but can't stand the taste.

    1. Amen to that last line. And the chocolate purchase was fantastico.


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