Monday, April 20, 2015

List + Poll

  • It was warm here last week, which gave me an excuse to make orange cream popsicles.  Yet again I turned to the woman with whom I have a love/hate relationship: The Proverbs 31 Woman.  I'm kidding, of course; the Bible doesn't have popsicle recipes.  No, once again I'm talking about Martha Stewart.  I love this recipe because it's easy and quick and only has four ingredients.  This time I made it with fat-free plain Greek yogurt rather than the full-fat plain yogurt Martha demands, and there was no noticeable difference.  The kids and I love these, which, naturally, means it's time to mess with the recipe and screw that up for everyone; I bought frozen pineapple juice today, so we'll see how pineapple cream pops go over.  It sounds right around eight times more disgusting now that I'm typing it than it did when I was starving in the grocery store this morning.  Snack time, kiddies!

  • Our yard is tulip heaven right now:

  • Derek and I are in the midst of a dispute on how to pronounce a specific word, because one of us says it correctly and the other is wrong.  (This is what healthy marriages are built on, fyi.)  I have polled a panel of experts and results have been inconclusive; this is also known as me calling my sisters and spelling out the word for them to pronounce, then demanding their husbands do the same.  Three out of four pronounced it correctly (My Way), and one was sadly wrong (Derek's Way).  I felt no compunctions about calling either sister with this request, as it is nowhere near the strangest thing I have ever said to either one of them, and because I remember once going to Kelli's house and being told that I needed to be the deciding vote on the proper pronunciation of the word "pendulum," as Kelli said it one way and Aaron said it another.  (My sister and I both say "pen-djew-lum," Aaron says "pen-dew-lum."  I tell you this because I know you care.)  
Now here is your chance to cast your vote:  The word in question is "LAWYER."  I want a fair fight- ahem, discussion- so I'm not going to disclose which of us pronounces it which way.  I'm attempting to put a survey on the upper right, there, that will be up for one week, but if that doesn't work, leave your answer in the comments.  And may the best pronunciation win!


  1. If you look it up on it phonetically spells it out the way I pronounce it. I noticed you left that tid-bit of information out darling... :)

  2. I am basking in the heavenliness of your tulips. My tulip has no bloom. And yes, I have just one, not counting the one I got from church that was in a pot, which is finished blooming.

    Here in the Common Household, we have marital battles over spelling, not pronunciation. My husband doesn't know how to spell anything. He also thinks that Argentina is in Europe. And yet, his brain is quicker than mine, and he wins all the word games that we use as sleep aids. It drives me nuts.

    On your poll (what fun!) I hope you are not able to track which response belongs to me, because I pronounce "Lawyer" as if I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Which I did.

  3. it's spelled...and yes, I was made fun of all through college for this

  4. Loy-er.
    I can say it the other way by looking at it but my mind's ear instantly says it this way. If I heard someone say it the other way, I would look at them funny and secretly judge.
    I'm probably wrong to begin with and now have exposed my soul. God forgive me. (Please still be my friend.)
    Also, I will go rounds with Bill over such things as this. You have a healthy marriage.

  5. I also say "Loy-er" -- I have lived in Iowa all my life. Not sure if that makes a difference.

  6. I also say "Loy-er" -- I have lived in Iowa all my life. Not sure if that makes a difference.

  7. Loy-er. The other way sounds a bit like a hillbilly? And you have to have your mouth really open --which just feels weird.

    Your tulips are glorious!! I can see I need to plant more!


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