Monday, May 11, 2015

No Blood Sacrifices Performed in the Making of This Post

I don't know about you, but I enjoyed a successful weekend, in large part because I continued my Mother's Day tradition of buying myself a plant (or three), something I was practically forced to do because a local public garden had their annual sale (not to be confused with an Annuals Sale, haaaar har har) and when they have tomato and strawberry plants that are already big and healthy with blooms for $4.50, it feels criminal not to buy a couple.  As for the aster plant, well, it was $2 and lonely.

I think this is my happy/sheepish face:  "Gracious, who bought all these plants?"
Plus there were some Iowa State students giving out free seedlings to attract pollinators, and the brown paper bag there contained marigold seedlings from Atticus (aka Atticus's lovely kindergarten teacher) for Mother's Day.  I may have also accidentally planted a dahlia tuber or eight; please do not think this means I will have a vista of gorgeous dahlias this summer, as thus far our yard has proved to be a bloody dahlia killing field.  Planting them was less, "Doo-dee-doo, watch as I grow and nurture and garden," and more "ANOTHER SACRIFICE TO THE DIRT GOD."  It felt like I was playing Aztecs and Huitzilopochtli, and before you go thinking that's weird and maybe a little sick, consider that it makes about as much as sense as generations of children playing Cowboys and Indians, mmkay?  Besides, whose mind doesn't go to ritual killing when Mother's Day is mentioned, amIright?!

I also got to have delicious, delicious Mexican food for lunch on Sunday... which brings me right back around to the Aztecs.  I tried to get to a more motherly topic, friends.  I tried.


  1. Yeah, sometimes Mother's Day makes me think of ritual killing. Especially during the church worship service. But I won't go down that path right now.

    I always buy too many plants. And tomorrow will be my first chance to do so, at the local farmer's market, which is REALLY local, so they won't have any fruits or vegetables, just flowers (petunias and the like) for my own sacrifice to the dirt god.

    This is the second blog post I have read today which uses the word "Aztec". (The first was at "Bad at Being Mom" which I would link to, but I don't know how.)

  2. Kristy, that is a really fabulous facial expression :-)

    We planted annuals in pots, and of course it's supposed to go down into the 30s tonight. The perennials haven't gotten into the ground yet --maybe tomorrow. I love playing in the dirt!


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