Monday, June 8, 2015

The Good Stuff: A List

  • The sign outside the Methodist church in my grandparents' town:  "Church Parking Only- All Others Will Be Baptized."

  • The two fat ripe strawberries I found in my vegetable/weed garden yesterday:

I ate them both standing over the kitchen sink, strawberry juice running down my hands, the way God intended.  Absolutely delicious.  

  • The new pillow Derek's mom gave me a month ago.  I'd been waking up with neck pain every morning for weeks, and although I could more or less take care of it with some yoga, I'd rather just not have any pain to begin with, because I'm needy like that.  Becky offered me the special pillow, I said "Yes, please" and tried not to get too grabby, and from the next morning on, I was hooked.  Haven't had a painful morning since.  
Profile shot of Magic the Puffy Dragon Pillow

I figured, given the shape, that I'd have to sleep on my back to get any relief, which is a problem because I am not a freak who can stay in one position all night.  Also I might snore/ breathe a little bit heavily on my back.  Quote from my friend Kim when we were teenagers, after thousands of sleepovers over the course of a decade:  "Sometimes it's so hard not to smother you in your sleep because you breathe SO LOUDLY."  

  • Caedmon keeps offering me a single piece of Kix cereal, which he calls a "kick."  "Do you want two Kix, or one Kick?"  I refuse to correct him, and even went so far as to physically cover Adelaide's mouth when she tried to, because our kids say fewer and fewer of these cute little people things.

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  1. That is the sweetest photo of siblings! And I like how you display your lawn-and-garden maintenance fluids.

    It is encouraging to me to hear that people can grow luscious strawberries in their own yards. I'm sure the Attack Rabbits and Vicious Chipmunks have eaten all my tiny strawberries. I haven't even been out to look.

    Relief from neck pain is an important thing, and if you can get relief from a pillow, rather than having to endure hours of physical therapy, that's great. I got a cajillion neck exercises from the physical therapist. One of them involves clasping my hands together, and then simply looking down and holding it like that. People probably think I am very prayerful, when in fact I am just stretching my neck.

    Maybe I should get that pillow, instead of engaging in false piety.


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