Monday, July 13, 2015

Being Misled, Being on the News, and Being a Reader: A List

  • As usual, I relied on google maps to provide pre-trip directions to the church where my grandma's funeral was held, which was lovely, by the way.  Now, even before I typed it in, I was prepared for the fact that google may not be aware of the tiny church in the tiny town that was our destination, but what I did not expect was that google would not only refuse to tell me just how the heck I was supposed to get to Moran Baptist Church, it would continue to insist that Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka was where I wanted to go.  Gosh, google, thanks so much, but no, I do NOT want to go to Westboro Baptist Church.  I mean, not only do I have zero picketing signs prepared, I seem to have misplaced my utterly incomprehensible hatred in the name of Jesus.  

  • I did a local news interview today because we have a son named Atticus.  Derek is wonderful on camera:  Self-possessed, well-spoken, natural.  I am weird.  My voice gets even more nasal than usual, I stare off pensively into the distance, unable to make eye contact as if my home is somewhere on the autism spectrum, and vocabulary normally available for use by my brain takes flight.  Strangely, I'm not nervous or anxious in front of a camera, but those on the other end- you know, the professionals- probably wince enough to give themselves premature crow's feet.  If I'm capable of watching the segment at all, it will be the way my sister Steph used to watch anything remotely scary:  thumbs plugging her ears, fingers covering her eyes.  

  • Ask and ye shall receive:

If the remotest piece of you enjoys the Fantasy genre, this is for you.  A strong heroine overcoming adversity, an evil queen, magic necklaces:  It's like a Disney princess story for grown-up girls with functioning brains.  Thank you, The Queen of the Tearling and Alif the Unseen for breaking the mediocre book enchantment under which I was captive.


  1. Okay --there has to be more to this story of you being interviewed because you have a son named Atticus! I mean, that's not a remotely unusual name compared to some I've encountered in my classes. What's the story? :-)

    1. CHM called it: Harper Lee (or someone not looking out for best interests of Harper Lee) is publishing a new book, and they were looking for "To Kill a Mockingbird superfans." I guess naming your kid after a character qualifies you as a superfan, even if, at this point, I don't plan on reading Go Set a Watchman, at least not until I'm satisfied that the elderly author isn't being taken advantage of and is fully aware of this publication and action... or until my curiosity gets the better of me.

  2. I've been praying for you especially this past week, as I surmised you would be attending a funeral. But I never guessed I needed to pray for Google not to direct you to THE Westboro Baptist Church. Oy!

    Are the interviews popping up because of the release of Harper Lee's other book? I sympathize completely with you about being on camera. I am the same.

    Ah! a good book. Wonderful!

  3. I ran right down to the library to get this book, and it is now at home waiting for me. I may be calling in sick tomorrow...


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