Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day One

Ah, the first day of school.

Real quick:  Do you see the expressions on those faces up there?  Our children cannot fake happiness- at least not well.  I am okay with that.  And they weren't unhappy about going back to school, but about me taking their picture.  Also:  See Adelaide's shirt, of the giraffe holding the giant pile of books clear up to her chin?  That is almost exactly how Adelaide looks each time she staggers out of the library with as many books as her arms will carry.  She wore this shirt today intentionally, saying, "I'm trying to help my new teacher understand what she's dealing with when it comes to me."

Today was a pretty stress-free back-to-school event, as it's the second year for both Adelaide and Atticus in their respective elementary schools.  Plus our district hosts a Back to School night a couple days before the actual start of school, where the students go and meet their new teachers and explore their new classrooms and stash all their supplies.  It takes a lot of the unknown away from a new school year, which in turn does away with a big chunk of any lingering fears.  Back to School night is just smart, and I love smart.  It's the best.

Because of all this, A & A seemed to be feeling more excitement than anything on our walk to the bus stop this morning, although Adelaide did only eat half her bowl of cereal this morning before pushing it toward Atticus to finish, claiming that she was too nervous to eat.  And yes, Atticus did polish off her breakfast plus his own.  Some people have dogs to eat up all those leftovers; we have boys.  Sidenote:  As you can see, both our four-year-old and our fourth grader are content to hold their Daddy's hand.  Please tell me this never ends.  Not pictured is Atticus, whose eagerness to reach the bus stop and just get to school already carried him ahead of the group.

The kids boarded the bus with hardly a backward glance, although they did condescend to wave to the rest of us through the windows.  We took it and were grateful.  Caedmon was almost embarrassingly gleeful on the walk back and after we got home, seeming to instantly remember just how great it is to be sole recipient of all that delicious parental attention.  I'll have to make the next couple weeks nice and boring, maybe give him a bigger load of chores so he'll feel more enthusiastic about preschool, which starts after Labor Day, because right now he seems to think home is where it's at.  Time to disabuse him of that notion.


  1. This is great. I am re-living my life vicariously through these photos. The only photo I have of my kids' first day of school was one the neighbor took when her kid and my kid got on the bus to go to kindergarten. My parents never took photos on the first day of school, so doing that was not in my parental repertoire.

    And then when the kids went to middle-school, and I still insisted on going down to the bus stop with them, they were just embarrassed as all get-out, so... no photos then. And high school - pffffft - I ain't getting up before dawn to take that back-to-school photo!

    Back to School night before school starts sounds extremely sensible, which must be why our school district doesn't do it.

    I noticed Adelaide's shirt. It is the best.

  2. What a great shirt! And that is so sweet that Caedmon so enjoys his special time with mama.

    (I'm green with envy that you will get time ALONE at HOME!)


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