Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lully: An Update

We're going on night 5 of using the Lully, and it's been... interesting.  An hour and a half after Atticus falls asleep, Derek's phone ding-a-lings, letting us know that it's time to go upstairs and stand creepily over our son, or as the app says it, "Time to turn on Lully!"

Hello, Lully.  I love your gray and purple color scheme.  Please work.

We (or often just Derek) then troop up the stairs and into the boys' room, Derek taps the purple "On" button on his phone, and the floor begins to shake.

It's actually Atticus's bed that vibrates, the Lully being located under his mattress, but it does it with such force that we can feel its effects under our feet where we stand next to the bed, too.  It's like one of those infant bouncy seats that features a vibrate switch, but on steroids.  Between the physical force of the vibrations and the loud humming sound it makes, it's amazing Atticus doesn't wake up- if he did, the instructions specify that you turn off the Lully, and that you're done for the night; in other words, you do not want the kid to awaken.  Small movements on the part of the sleeper when the Lully switches on are permitted, as long as they stay asleep.  So far Atticus has slept right through all that buzzing and vibrating, which hopefully means it's keeping him from entering that phase of sleep where night terrors occur (Lully employs the scheduled awakenings technique of combating sleep disturbances).  It would appear that it is... to an extent.

The Lully is designed to vibrate your kid once a night, for a period of three minutes, and this is supposed to keep the night terrors at bay for the entirety of the night.  It's been a pretty bad week of sleep for Atticus, which was somewhat expected, as last week he had some pretty good nights of sleep, and his good nights/bad nights tend to cycle, but we have noticed that the terrors are happening significantly later in the night than usual.  So, the Lully is working... kind of?  It's hard to tell.  I'm curious to see how many terrors he suffers from in the coming weeks, when we're in what should be a good part of the cycle.  As ever when experimenting with ways to combat our son's night terrors, hopes are high(ish), but expectations are low.  It's the only way to maintain sanity.


  1. It's interesting that one slight awakening is supposed to keep him from having the night terrors for the whole night. Would it be possible to do the awakening a bit later in the night? Or does it have to be a certain amount of time after he goes to sleep? I'm going to cross my fingers and hope it slowly pushes the night terrors out of his nights.

  2. I have never experienced this kind of thing, but I can imagine it would attack one's sanity. I will be hoping right along with you that it works.

  3. I'm so impressed with the way you guys keep on trying to figure out what will help your little guy. Hoping this is what works!


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