Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Things, We Have Been Doing Them

As usual, our family has been doing all sorts of Very Important Things lately, such as:

Cutting our hair into mohawks:

It's actually "mohawk" singular, as the rest of us decided against a single strip of hair across the top of our scalps.  Not every Crisler is as fierce as the Atticus, and I mean "fierce" in a very Project Runway sense of the word.  (Dear Husband:  I promise not to mention PR again in this post.  You may read on without fear.)  And no, I have no shame over watching Project Runway (whoops- sorry, Derek):  It's like the 4-H Style Reviews I competed in every summer growing up, except with fewer sunflower dresses, crueler judges, but about the same amount of histrionics.  (People who know my mom:  You should absolutely ask her about that year a girl won Grand Champion with a dress my mom knew in her bones she didn't make herself.  My mother is the absolute opposite of a stereotypical stage mom, but even now that girl's name hisses through mom's teeth like she's talking about the antichrist.  Give how even-keel she usually is, it is completely hilarious.)

We went to the Iowa State Fair last weekend, which we attend almost exclusively for the food.  Family favorites this year:
Derek:  Jumbo Chili Cheese Dog; Cheese Curds
Kristy: Cheese Curds; Giant Soft Pretzel covered in Chocolate, Slivered Almonds, and Sea Salt; Caramel Apple
Adelaide:  Cheese curds; Caramel Apple Sundae; Honey Lemonade, 
Atticus:  "Every food."
Caedmon:  Cheese Curds, Honey Lemonade

Fried peanut butter and jelly on a stick.  It was... okay.  Just okay.

Iowa friends, feel free to skip the Fried Apple Pie on a Stick and the Mexican Grilled Sweet Corn, as both were dismally disappointing.

I've let entirely too many posts go by recently without a single flower pic.  Forgive us our trespasses:
Hello, hydrangeas.  You make August beautiful.

And lastly, this has had me laughing for days at random, often inconvenient times.


  1. Have you seen Isaiahs Mohawk??????? fair should be spelled f-o-o-d

  2. I was going to mention Isaiah's mohawk, but I see my sis beat me to it.

    I am going to the fair tomorrow--thanks for the reviews. It looks like I need to try some cheese curds. And I'm sure it's just an oversight, but. .. HELLO! The fresh chocolate chip cookies?????

    1. So... I'm a huge cookie snob. I tried the cookies two years in a row, as my in-laws are big fans, and I always found them to be just okay, especially for the price. I'd much rather make my own and do it RIGHT.

  3. Talking about the style review had me rolling and singing a little song in my head. "I bet I know her na-ame. I bet I know her na-ame." My song only works if you make 'name' two syllables, obviously.

  4. As a former student of Russian stuff, I love "Dancing with the Tsars".

    Cheese curds??!! is that like cottage cheese on a stick? (I put "on a stick" because every food at a fair has to be on a stick, right?) We don't have a state fair here, but the food we get that comes the closest is funnel cakes. Deep fried dough, distributed via a funnel into the hot oil, then sprinkled with powdered sugar.


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