Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Caedmon's Last Year on One Hand

Here's a headline for you:  Caedmon is no longer four.

Monday was our youngest boy's birthday.

Our bold, fierce, tough, superhero of a four-year-old is now our bold, fierce, tough, superhero five-year-old.


A real tough guy.

Not to be trifled with, I tell you.

Except maybe when he needs help with his zipper.


Whew.  Even someone who cuts a figure this ferocious has soft spots, though.

Rice crispy treats- with sprinkles, of course- are one.

Another is an older sister who dotes on a certain five-year-old tough guy; at least when she's not threatening to maim him for messing with her stuff again.
She not only made him a birthday card, she sat in the hallway the morning of his birthday, waiting for him to emerge, so that she could present this card to him, complete with birthday poem and treasure map.  It was important to her that he start his day with a treasure hunt that ended when he found the present she spent days making for him.

It's a little hard to make out, but that is her gift to him in action.  While other children seemingly want only their two front teeth, the object of Caedmon's desire are lethal weapons, which Adelaide took pains to deliver:  She found some sharp, pointed wooden skewers, painted them black, then showed our preschooler how to insert them into straws- which she ever so helpfully provided- before blowing on the end and toward your intended victim.  They are legitimately dangerous, and the newest item on our family's Controlled Substance List.  Doesn't every family have one of those?

I say if you're going to have weaknesses, you can do worse than rice crispy treats and sisters.

Now, the balloon one I don't get.

It's dark magic, indeed.

Oh, and birthday crowns.  He has a soft spot for those, too.  But who doesn't, am I right?

Happy Birthday, Future Superhero that fixes cars and has his own supercar!  (His answer when I asked what he wants to be when he grows up.)


  1. Happy birthday!

    A birthday poem AND a treasure map - that is true sisterly love. My son (age 20) made a birthday treasure hunt for my daughter for her 16th birthday. I was overjoyed, and so was Younger Daughter. Some things should never get old, and treasure maps/hunts are one of them.

    It is a wonder in our society that more superheroes are not willing to talk about their trouble with zippers. It happens to all of them, but they just won't admit it in public.

  2. Love CHM's comment about zippers!

    Happy 5th to Caedmon! Just think, soon ALL your kids will be in school and you'll have THREE sets of different paperwork to deal with! Such fun!

    I love Adelaide's card. Rob use to always create a treasure hunt for Emma's Christmas stocking. I think maybe we need to switch to birthdays now that she's older :-)


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