Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cheese and My New Phone Case: A Good Weekend

Well.  This has been an eventful weekend for our family, but first things first, "first" being "food," naturally.

Friday night Derek and I got to go on a date, and we made the excellent-fantastic-enlightened choice to eat at The Cheese Shop in Des Moines.

Holy. Dairy cow.  The Cheese Shop isn't exactly a new establishment, but just in case we're not the last Iowans to have eaten there:  Central Iowans, get thee hence.  Immediately.  You just have to.  I had the Bacon & Blue Salad, Derek had the Skillet Mac & Cheese, and it was one of those times where, after cleaning my own plate, I slid Derek's unfinished food right on over and polished it off, too.  (He told me he was done and that I could, okay?  Twice.)  This made me a hero, because that is how I choose to look at it, mostly by thinking in terms of "NO FOOD LEFT BEHIND" and "NOT ON MY WATCH."

The blue cheese on my salad was so fresh and so creamy, the candied Valencia almonds perfection, and the cheese in Derek's entree was incredibly flavorful.  We also watched them prepare a few meat and cheese boards and loaves of crusty bread with olive oil for other (possibly smarter) patrons, and determined we must return sooner rather than later to sample these offerings.  It took every ounce of self control I had not to vault over that counter and begin gnawing on a hunk of fresh artisinal bread they were purposely torturing me with.  These are the kinds of thoughts that come after running seven miles before the sun rises, as I did that morning, which sounds dandy until I tell you one of my running partners- remember the Magnificent Mindy?- ran 18 miles that morning.  Like, whoa.

We also got a new-to-us van, which is exciting- almost as exciting as MY NEW PHONE CASE:

The front:  Yup.  Fine.  Good.  Unassuming.  It's a phone.

Because you know I'm all about that case, 'bout that case- everybody sing!
I'll most likely be writing all about our new means of transportation that neither makes us deaf nor tries to murder us later this week- for now I just couldn't wait to show you that beautiful, beautiful phone case.  Of course, once I had snatched it from the mailbox and extricated it from its packaging, Derek took one look at the thin plastic case and said, "What?  This thing will do nothing to protect your phone!"  For a second I worried he'd been struck blind by the sheer radiance of that case, because who could talk about protection and keeping a phone intact and blah blah blah when faced with A PHONE CASE THAT LOOKS LIKE A HOGWARTS EXPRESS TICKET ASSUMING HOGWARTS EMPLOYS A GIFTED GRAPHIC DESIGNER?  (No, my caps lock button did not get stuck; I just feel rather strongly about certain things, usually centering around books.)  

How was your weekend?


  1. That is an awesome phone case!

    I might have said this before, but I am SO relieved that you now have a car that won't kill you. That other one should go to jail.

    The cheese restaurant sounds heavenly. I will have to tell me son that it would be worth it for him to drive many hundreds of miles across several states to eat at The Cheese Shop.

    My first thought on seeing your photo of your phone is: don't drop your phone in the sink.

    Does your phone have a flashlight? That's one of the many things I love about my phone. Phones: they're not just phones any more.

  2. That is an awesome case! And you can reassure Derek that my phone cases are always just thin plastic ones (because of course those thick safe ones are ugly and boring) and I've dropped my phone multiple times and it still works. In fact, the last time I put a new case on my phone it was slipperyer (yes, I'm sure that's a word, I say it all the time) than the old one and the first thing I did was actually FLING it across the room because my hand was moving and it just slipped out. Phone: fine.

  3. That is a pretty sweet phone case. I can imagine exactly the voice Derek would say that in, too.

    If it helps, I don't even have a phone case. Hah.

    The Cheese Shop sounds like it's going up on my soon-destination list.



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