Friday, September 4, 2015

Mission Boredom: Accomplished

Remember how I said we were going to try and make things dull around here for Caedmon to get him excited for preschool?  Well, our evil plan has worked:  He now cannot wait.  I'm sure the Back to School night his preschool hosted last night helped, with the playground and toys and goats, but I like to think Derek and I played our boring parents-part rather well.

Earlier this week we made sure to spend plenty of time at the cell phone store, which was filled with lovely people but not so many kid-friendly things.  The one toy they have kind of exhausted its potential for Cade when we were there FOREVER last Saturday, so he had to sit there and listen to me talk to the very nice employee (she just got married, and has worked at the store for five years, and works crazy, crazy hours, with very little downtime in those hours) and Derek listen to the random fellow customer who approached my husband to tell him he looks a bit like Peyton Manning.  This happens more than you might think.

Then yesterday he got to sit in the next- most fun place for small children:  A car dealership!  What fun!  There he participated in ever so exciting activities like:

  • Bring Daddy Golf Digest magazine
  • Watch Mommy oooh and aaaah over the giant fancy coffee machine
  • Sit and watch Daddy fill out paperwork
  • Visit the bathroom
  • Listen to salesmen talk about deathly boring things like vans and interest rates
Poor kid.  No wonder he wants to visit the land of chickens and crafts four days a week; this only child business (while the other two are in school) is for the birds.

The other person to be pitied around here is Derek, because while all things smart phone-related are old hat for him, everything is exciting! And new! And fancy! for me.  He has already threatened to block me for sending him an excess of eggplant emojis.  "None of your emoticons make sense," he says.  Making sense = not a priority for me.  I just pick the things I think are pretty.  This makes me a gem to live with.   

I couldn't figure out how to get the darling picture of Caedmon appropriate to this post off my phone and onto here.  In its stead, please accept this disturbing picture of a hand-drawn William Shakespeare featuring Atticus's eyeballs staring through and into your soul.

Hey, look!  I figured it out Derek told me how to do it!


  1. You got your first smart phone! They are fun, although I'm not the kind of person who figures out every detail of what they can do, should you possibly ever need it. That would be my husband :-) But when it comes to texting and listening to music, they're great :-)

  2. Goats?! Your preschool has goats? and chickens?

    I was resistant to getting a smart phone, but I do like mine now. Given my recent experience taking a selfie, I suggest that if you are going to take a selfie, you learn how to smile while mustering the concentration needed to actually take the selfie.

    Because taking selfies is absolutely the most important thing a person can do with a cell phone. Another important thing is to play jokes on Siri, like getting driving directions and then asking Siri "Are we there yet?" three times in rapid succession.


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