Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pretties from a Wednesday Run

When you do outside stuff like running or cycling or walking, you get to know your own corner of the universe quite well.  I tend to stick with the same routes when I'm running because my sense of direction is questionable at the best of times, and while attempting to move at a faster pace than normal, well... I'm going to be nice to myself and just say that my brain goes on autopilot and can't be bothered by trifles like "Turn left on 550th Ave unless you want to be stranded on a random gravel road with no idea where you are but with an exceptional view of acre upon acre of cornfields."


Many routes around here consist of miles of straight paths and fields, which is lovely in its own way, but today's was a little more entertaining, provided you find things like trees entertaining, which I definitely do.

Look!  Apiaries!  I love these things, and it always heartens me to see them; I'm always afraid of certain things dying out, but it would seem that beekeeping is not.  Just the bees.  No big deal.

(Note:  If you're looking for an excellent, excellent nonfiction children's book about bees and the honeybee crisis, I highly recommend The Hive Detectives:  Chronicle of a Honeybee Catastrophe.  For two years it has remained one of Adelaide's favorites.  It pulled me in, too.) 

Something about this view makes me think of the scene in Mary Poppins when Bert is drawing with chalk and creates a path that leads out of view.  Remember Dick Van Dyke's "British" accent in that movie?  (Suspicious quotation marks intentional.)  As a kid I didn't think twice about it, but the first time I viewed it as an adult it added an entirely new (accidental) layer of comedy to the movie.
The truly glorious aspect of the above photo, though?  SHADE, GLORIOUS SHADE.

And then I found this snake!  I almost tripped over him, which would have been unfortunate for the both of us and cut short a fated friendship.  Not to worry, fellow snake lovers:  I moved him to the side of the road post-photo shoot, after I'd yelled non-sequiturs like "FIERCE!" and "WORK!" at him while snapping pictures.  Because as far as I can tell, that's what fashion photographers do.

What type of tree creates this perfectly tree-shaped tree, I wonder?

Hello, Ballard creek.  I swear, whenever and wherever I cross you, you are stunning.

This may be my favorite view of all, as it means I am done.  I've been dropping Caedmon off at preschool, then leaving my vehicle parked there to set out for my run, so when I arrive back at the school, it means walking and then water and then sitting.
The preschool is only on the basement level of the building; the rest is the dwelling of the teacher and her family.  Not pictured are the goats and chickens and yoga mats.  Yes, it is that kind of preschool, and our kids love it.

Also not pictured were today's strong winds, which was the only thing that kept me from overheating.  I love strong winds during a run and in general, but I recently saw this video and had to admit that a lack of wind could have its benefits:

Chandelier Tree from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.


  1. So many things here, and not enough time to comment! First, that tree is just lovely. I wonder if it is a good climbing tree? But perhaps it is not on public property so we will never know. Maybe it has fairies living in it?

    The creek looks so CALM and unassuming. Lovely.

    Your kids have preschool in a barn? Cool. That probably allows them to learn all kinds of nifty things that you can't learn about in a book.

  2. Fun post! First, I am tickled that you are taking pictures and running at the same time. Second, the picture of the snake and my mental picture of his or her fashion shoot crack me up.

    Beautiful pictures.

  3. I, too, love the Hive Detectives book! Narrative nonfiction at its finest.

  4. I don't need to read your recommended book because I will be on my own detective hunt to find those hives. I know I've seen them before but can't recall where. If I don't figure it out soon, I will drag you out with me and we can play Hot or Cold until I find them. I need the miles anyway.


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