Wednesday, October 28, 2015

And the Running of the Deer

This morning was chilly and wet and blustery, which means I had the forest preserve all to myself.

Did I almost break my neck (twice) because the leaves were thick and wet on the path?  Yes.  Did I keep confusing game trails for running trails and losing my sense of direction in the woods?  Yes.  Was I thankful for regular benches to show me that I was on trails for humans and not just deer?  Yes.
Although I did consume a goodly amount The Far Side comics growing up, so I can't say I would have been too terribly surprised to encounter a bespectacled deer sitting on a bench, reading the newspaper.

Another round of Running Trail or Game Trail?  Such a fun game.  Almost as entertaining as the one I just finished, where I pin felt onto Atticus's sleeves, readying myself for an evening of sewing.  Atticus is absolutely positive that a dragon is not a dragon if there are no wings, and I refuse to buy anything for a costume, so we're making do with the felt I found in my scrap fabric bin, all while Adelaide swoops around in the Dracula costume she's putting together.  She keeps making overtures about my blood in what she clearly thinks is an eastern european accent, but really just sounds like she's overdue for an appointment with a speech pathologist.  She's at a bit of a tender age, where we have to be careful how we make fun of her, so I've closeted myself in the bathroom and perched on the edge of the tub, giggling over her interpretation of a vampire and thinking my own thoughts for ten seconds, not to mention scrolling through the photos I took on my run this morning, because I could have sworn I snapped one of the half a dozen deer I startled this morning.

Aha!  Found her!  Can you?

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  1. I love our trail! These are beautiful pics and I'm glad you took them. It has also made me decide I will attempt a run there tomorrow because my soul needs it.


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