Friday, October 16, 2015

Family Photos: It Sounded Like a Good Idea

Every time my family gets together, my mom requests a picture with her and Mark and the grandkids for their Christmas card, a picture of the daughters and her, and picture of whomever is receiving the most recently completed quilt.

The thing about taking pictures with small children, though, is that anything is a distraction.  Not just loud noises and such, but things like pinecones and the sky are distracting.  It's hard to blame them, really; who wants to look at a shrieking adult with a camera when you could look at a cat?

Norah Mae desperately wanted Ed the Cat (that is his full and respectful title, thank you), and the magical powers of The Ed made Charlotte smile.  Kelli and Aaron are just well-trained.

We tried bringing Ed into the shot, to see if it would be less distracting, but the lure of his soft fur proved irresistible to Vada.
I have thirteen photos of Vada petting Ed, who is very tolerant for an elderly cat. 
Ellie was more interested in petting humans, but she's one and hasn't yet grasped the difference between a gentle stroke and a sharp tug.
Char is upset because she just got her hair yanked.  Ellie is upset because she got scolded for yanking.

Aren't pictures fun, children?  Are we having a good time yet?

Because they obviously weren't having a good time, at one point we took a break and the children instantly scattered, darting into the trees.

Eventually we got all the children in one photo with Mom and Mark.  As for everyone all smiling, well...

Let's be honest: I think we all know I'm using this post as an excuse to show you how adorable my family is.

Not to mention these two, who are clearly MFEO. (Made For Each Other.  Name that movie!)

They're also the ones to receive the latest quilted offering from my mother.

It's their wedding quilt.  We won't discuss how long they've been married.  (HINT:  I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Caedmon at their wedding, and somebody just had a birthday...)  A quilt that size has to take forever, though, and I love how it looks like stained glass.  To me, anyway.

Next time, my mother sports a halo of daughters and we discuss why you should feel sorry for her!


  1. Sleepless in Seattle!! I can hear Rosie O'Donnell now...

  2. This post makes me smile. Mostly because I am not the one experiencing the torture of trying to get several children to look halfway presentable in a picture.

    Also because of the picture of your mom and her daughters. If the other two have even a portion of your sarcastic wit. . . well, she deserves a halo! :)

  3. That quilt! Wow! That was worth waiting for --it's amazing!

    You know, the times we've done family photos --and I'm just talking Rob, me, and Emma-- everyone ended up mad at everyone else. Rob used to always insist on a photo like that to send with our holiday cards, taken with a tripod and timer. Gah, those were painful experiences. And yet --I'm so glad we have those photos :-) Nowadays we make photo cards with pictures we took throughout the year. Less painful all round.


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