Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What, This Happens Every Year?

You know you're falling down on this whole parenting thing when someone comments on the fact that your kid's birthday is in a week and you're like, "What?"  Then they have to convince you that yes, your son's birthday is in seven days, and oh, yeah, doing something to celebrate that birthday would probably be a good idea.

So, yeah.  This kid.  His birthday is on Friday.
His face when he was tiring of regular photos and Derek started shouting, "You're fierce!  You're a tiger!"  Because of course I can't just put a nice smiley photo on here.  I just happen to prefer this kind.
Luckily he has a father who is on top of these things; apparently we are going bowling and having pizza, as per Atticus's request.  I mean, I remember having a bowling-and-pizza conversation with our son at some point, but I also remember thinking that his birthday was a long way off, as in, Well, at least I don't have to worry about that until October.  But as it turns out, it is October.  Right now.  Please tell me this is shocking to someone else, as well.

Thankfully, after this birthday, I don't have to worry about missing anyone else's until my own in December.  All we have before then are a couple tiny little holidays called Halloween, which is basically a two-week long exercise in managing our children's expectations, and Thanksgiving, where I get to make and consume mass amounts of pie.

This photo is scary because all I can look at are those hats and mittens hanging up to dry in the background.  If  Pie Season is creeping up on us, then cold-winter-snow assuredly is, too.  Blargh.

And best of all, since Adelaide successfully made that pecan pie last Thanksgiving, she's already planning what kind of new and different pie she wants to make this year.  This definitely puts her in the running for Favorite Daughter, a joke she rolls her eyes at every time I say it, which means I repeat it all the time.


  1. Bowling and pizza sounds like an excellent birthday party, because none of it involves your house. You don't have to clean for the party, and you don't have to clean up after it either. Perfect!

    I hate to tell you this, but I actually thought we were much farther along in October than we are. I needed to write the check for the mortgage, and I was wondering if it was still before the 15th. And it was only the 5th! For a moment there I felt very on top of things.

  2. I completely sympathize. These things creep up on us unsuspecting Moms. In our family, the birthdays, including most of the extended family, are all crammed in the spring. Why can't they be evenly spread out, with plenty of time for recovery in between?

    I'm so glad your son had a reasonable request for a birthday party. One year my daughter wanted to go white water rafting. Um, no, not if I am leading your birthday party.

    In my view, any child who is taught how to make a pie will go far. That is a gorgeous looking pecan pie.


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