Thursday, November 19, 2015

Atticus, Art Director

I saw an article the other day whose title went something like "A Thanksgiving Centerpiece Constructed in Only Thirty Minutes?  Yes, You Can!"  I didn't click on it, because, well, I did read that title, but do you think that was for real?  Do people- other than florists and Martha Stewart- make centerpieces?

I really am curious, because the closest thing we get to a centerpiece is a bunch of miniature gourds my grandparents grew and sent home with me months ago, which are now covered in globs of paint courtesy of four out of five Crislers.  (Yes, I painted gourds, too.  I have to keep my inner 4-Her satisfied somehow.)  And they don't scream "centerpiece" so much as "way station before their eventual destination:  the garbage."

An added benefit to this style of "centerpiece" is that now I have a kitchen that is 25% more colorful than it was this time yesterday, because there is almost as much paint on the floor as there is on the gourds.  Not to worry; it scrubs off easily, which is why all art projects are undertaken on the kitchen floor rather than at a table like fancy folk.  

The best part is that none of this would have happened if we didn't have an Atticus who requests special art projects on a near- weekly basis, and who also insisted the finished product be put in "I don't know, like a bowl, or one of those jars that we keep the Band-aids in?  And can you put them on the table so we can look at them every night at supper?"  

Do you think Martha has an internship?  One specifically for seven-year-old boys?  Because I can only come up with so many craft ideas, and I'm running out of gourds...


  1. Those jars look very Martha and coordinate beautifully with your table runner.

  2. There are many, many things I love about this post.

    The first photo, of the paints on the floor, made me gasp and say, "Where is your Arts and Craps cloth?!" (We used an old tablecloth.) I was relieved to read that the paint washes off the floor easily.

    The way your son is sitting in the second photo is how people in Pakistan sit. My Dad, who grew up in parts of Pakistan & India, could sit that way. He would sit on the floor like that when he was shelling cardamom seeds. I like thinking of my Dad, so thanks for spurring that memory.

    The painted gourds in the jars are SO PRETTY! They really are quite stunning and I'm sure they beat out The Martha's centerpiece by a mile..

  3. Wow, those really are miniature! I think they look great in the jars. Excellent idea, Atticus!

    We never have centerpieces, because our table always has things that don't belong on tables, no matter how hard we try to keep it clear. Currently the table is holding a framed print that I would like to take to my office and hang. It's been sitting there since early September. Some things just appear to be beyond my ability to do :-)


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