Friday, November 6, 2015

Eyeballs, Games, and Friends of an Avian Persuasion

Well!  What a week.  It's November, which means my thoughts have turned pie-ward, one of my very favorite -wards.  Adelaide and I have already begun our pie-plotting, strategizing which of us will make which pies, and trying to figure out how many pies is too many pies.  (The limit does not exist.)

Speaking of Adelaide, she had her first appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist.  Everyone in the office was very kind, which we appreciated, even if getting her eyes dilated is not Daughter's favorite thing.
The woman who put the drops in warned us that it often takes 8-10 hours for pupils to return to normal after dilation, but because Adelaide has lighter-colored eyes, it would most likely take longer.  Adelaide and I both wondered why the heck this was, and naturally, Dr. Google had an answer:  The darker your eye color, the more melanin is present in your eye (which I knew), and that melanin acts a kind of filter (which I did not know!), so people with less melanin in their eyes- those with lighter-colored irises- are usually affected more quickly and for longer periods of time than those with more melanin.  Fascinating!  

Other than learning about melanin and its effects on dilation, the doc gave us a course of action for Adelaide's eyes.  We have cheapo glasses on the way (cheapo because we don't know how long she'll be in these before possibly changing to a different kind--, friends who want cheap glasses), and an MRI scheduled for next week to slap down the troubling red flags raised by her combination of symptoms.  I was still a little freaked out after the appointment, but God put my own personal Florence Nightingale (except she goes by Jessie) in my path who told me exactly what to do and where to make the appointment and where to get the cheapo glasses.  I swear to you nurses could achieve world domination if they weren't so busy saving the rest of us rubes.

Two of the kids had parent teacher conferences.  We found this on Atticus's locker and it was all I could do to maintain my composure.  Thankfully I had our son's face staring up at me; seven-year-old boys don't exactly appreciate their mothers embarrassing them at school with tears.
I kept it together.  Barely.

We've maintained our wild lifestyle with this week's game de rigueur, Mancala.
I really thought the boys were too young to grasp how the game is played, but Derek taught them and I was proven wrong, which really is nice sometimes.  They even managed to sneak a game in this morning before school.  You know you love something when you ask to play it at 7 a.m.

We've been entertaining a distinguished visitor to our hydrangea bush.  
I am alerted to his presence not by anything as bourgeois as a doorbell; no, only a Caedmon will do, who cries out in delight anytime his new friend is near.
Caedmon never misses an opportunity to educate the ignorant on the way of the Calvin and the Hobbes.  The cardinal seems to be a willing student.

I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful week, full of your own versions of Mancala and cardinals, but hopefully noticeably devoid of pupil dilation.


  1. My latest glasses are from Zenni Optical as well, although at the time I ordered them I didn't have the distance between my pupils --I asked for my prescription, but they conveniently left that info off. I have it now, though, and plan to use them again.

    You are so correct about nurses. I know many of them have really tough working conditions, but they are life savers.

    I love that cardinals stay through the winter --they are such a bright spot when the leaves have fallen, or when snow has fallen. And I'm sure they love Calvin and Hobbes --who doesn't? :-)

  2. There is no way I could have kept it together with that locker decoration. I sat here and blinked away tears and it's not even my kid!

  3. Tell Adelaide that Anna just had a MRI for migraines that she has been having...I am sure that Anna is more than happy to tell all about the experience :) And Atticus' locker decoration had me in tears. You must frame it. And have it in your house forever. It is precious now, but give it a few more years and you will find it to be one of your favorite possessions.

  4. There can never be too many pies. I am trying to decide whether to make a blueberry pie. Mine always comes out too liquidy, but it still tastes good.

    I hope and pray that Adelaide does well with the eyeglasses (maybe if you call them spectacles like they did in previous centuries, she will be amused) and that all the procedures related to her condition go well.

    I have found that 7/8 of parenting is remaining calm under difficult circumstances, if only so that the children don't freak out. A good nurse can help immensely with that. When my son at age 10 or so had to have his entire digestive tract examined (don't ask) I was SO thankful to God that the nurse that day turned out to be the gracious, ultra-competent, and understanding wife of a Boy Scout leader.

    Oh, Caedmon is showing Calvin and Hobbes to the cardinal! That is priceless! The cardinal should realize that Calvin and Hobbes is timeless. I know from our own experience that even college students and their parents still read C&H.

  5. Calvin and Hobbes forever!! And Jesus.


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