Saturday, December 12, 2015

Seasonal Beauty

It's no wonder I love this time of year; everything is just prettier.  Isn't everything prettier?

Yes, my caramelized stars turned out a little darker than planned, because sugar is like teenage girls and cats:  All are mostly sweet but will turn on you in seconds.  I subsequently had to explain to our confused children that the stars made entirely out of food were not to be eaten unless they enjoyed a certain burnt taste that lingers on the tongue.

Or how about this pretty sight:

I feel like at nine years old Adelaide has a taste in clothing that's a little more timeless than mine was at the same age:

That's me on the right, easily identifiable by the gold lamé and air traffic controller ears.  Thankfully the photo is of a low enough quality that you can't get a good look at those glasses.  (Rhinestones.  Butterfly.  Pink.  Adelaide was hysterical/mortified when I described them to her.)  I haven't shaken my love of metallics, either:
Upside down white tapers drying in glasses, due to having just been spray painted by yours truly.  Oleander and Palm has the best and simplest teacher gift ideas.  I just can't decide which I prefer, the classic gold or rose gold.  
Naturally, it didn't take Caedmon long to turn them into weapons.  At least he waited until the paint had dried.

And some might call our recent weather dreary (Derek), but I love fog on fallow fields.  
I also love that I can finally see a landscape that's been next to my running trail year-round, but which I'm unable to see except when all the foliage dies away.

What pretty things have caught your eye lately?  Had any good-intentioned projects turn on you like my sugar stars?


  1. My first reaction to this post was, "Put down those candles, son! Your mother slaved for hours to make those!" It seems I am turning into Foghorn Leghorn in my dotage.

    You made that star? Out of sugar? Cool. I think it looks beautiful.

    That fog-and-fallow field fits (oooh, alliteration) my mood these days. I do love being able to see through the bare trees.

  2. That star is amazing --how did you do that? Are they ornaments?

    Adelaide is definitely winning on the kid fashion front!


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