Sunday, January 17, 2016


About a week ago, I decided that as long as I have an opposable thumb on my right hand, I might as well be able to use it.  I'm greedy like that.

I therefore got myself to the doctor- a good month after my wrist/hand/useless flipper started to trouble me- and good news!  It turns out I do not, in fact, have a stress fracture!  Instead I have a condition that makes me sound like I'm making things up when I try and explain what's wrong with me.
Yeah, that.
She put me on a week's worth of some anti-inflammatory magic pills that made me realize just how bad things had gotten, along with instructions on a series of physical therapy-type exercises to do with my hand and wrist.  At the beginning of the week, I could hardly do any of them because of the pain and tightness.  Now, not only can I do them (mostly-ish), I do them all with the same type and amount of pride most commonly seen among preschoolers after painting their newest Pollock-esque masterpiece.

Really, this whole episode seems to have caused regression to about the age of four.  Extreme concentration required to do the smallest of tasks because it's all with my left hand?  Check.  Mind-bending slowness needed for tasks like chopping vegetables, getting dressed, and doing the dishes, because again, all done with my non-dominant left hand?  Check.  Yelling things like, "Watch me stretch this rubber band!" as I do PT to re-condition my now-puny right hand?  Check.  It's very humbling, and very frustrating.

Last night I took the last of my magic pills, so I'm a little nervous about the next couple days, because if the pain comes back with the ferocity I'm fearing (it was never wiped out completely, just subdued), I'll have to go see a specialist who will need to inject something into my wrist (yaaaaay!) or sharpen his knives and start hacking away at the tendons in my wrist (yaaaaaay!).  That's not exactly how the doctor put it, but I'm able to read between the lines and I have a healthy imagination, although she specifically asked me not to use it in cases like this.  (For real.  She did.  I really love my doctor.)

For now, though, I'm going to keep doing exciting things like using my fancy rehab tool (a can of Ro-Tel) with my right hand in various ways, doing ice massage, and trying to figure out how the heck this happened in the first place.  (Doc to me:  "Do you play the organ?"  "No."  "You're not a hairdresser, right?  Do you spend lots of time fixing your hair every day?"  "Definitely not.")  The activities that are the most painful and exacerbate my symptoms the most are writing by hand (sorry, Christmas thank-you's, I have a legitimate excuse for your tardiness this year), and the chopping and dicing of food.

The problem with the food thing is that although I make 90% of our meals at home, I'm not exactly a sous chef, responsible for dicing mountains of ingredients every day.  This makes me wonder if perhaps my chopping form is off?  Is anyone an expert on this?  And could I use it as an excuse to get fancier, sharper knives?  Thoughts?
My left hand almost started crying sad hand-tears when it realized that all these needed to be diced for my favorite soup.  It only took me thirty minutes!
Grating cheese also hurts like crazy.  My left hand officially SUCKS at it.  But favorite soup is favorite soup!

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  1. That sounds terrible! I hope it's feeling better now. (Getting older stinks, hmmm?)

    And hello--FOOD PROCESSOR!


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