Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dessert and Derek and a Quiz

    • Today I made a chocolate mousse for the first and most likely last time.  I enjoy mousse when other people make it for me, but when I'm the cook, I'm somehow constantly irritated by the whole process.  I really can't explain this, as I enjoy making cookies and pies and the occasional cake.  I think I'm just so lacking in polish and refinement that only the most basic of desserts can be made by my hands, at least with any pleasure.  Case in point: I think of chocolate mousse as fancy people food.  If any of you sophisticates care to make me a cheesecake topped by a thin layer of lemon curd like the one I had last week, I could probably rise above my station enough to enjoy it.  

    • Derek was interviewed for a show on video production last week, and let me tell you, it was so fun to watch.  I couldn't explain, even to myself, why this was at first, but then I decided it's because proficiency is so attractive.  It's just nice to see something done well, or in this case, listen to my husband talk about something about which he's so obviously knowledgeable.  Now, to my non-video-professional ears, it sounded something like, "Derek, it looks like Brian has a question about snordlepicks.  Could you tell us about how you go about picking the best snordlepicks for the job, and why you make that choice?"  "Well, Mike, I'm glad Brian asked this, because snordlepicks can be a tricky business, especially when your wallbiters aren't calibrated to the correct galackchinerncy."  *good-natured chuckling by the hosts at my husband's ever-present but baffling-to-me-when-it-comes-to-video-production wit*

    • Multiple choice:
    The proper response when someone says, "Well, that's the weather in [insert location] for you:  If you don't like it, just wait five minutes!" is
    (a)  "Hahahaha!  You, sir, are a riot!"
    (b)  "Indeed?  I did not know this about Iowa/Kansas/Connecticut/South Carolina/Maine/Florida/Texas/Minnesota/Nevada.  Thank you for educating me!"
    (c)  "Yeah, that's not the weather in this particular place, that's just weather.  PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT.  There is nothing special about the weather in this specific place, or how quickly and often it changes, okay?  It does that everywhere, in the majority of the places on earth.  You sound ridiculous."    

    Now, if you've said something along these lines before, don't feel self-conscious.  I won't judge you, particularly if you feel the random yet insatiable urge to send me a homemade cheesecake topped with lemon curd.


    1. Mmmmm, I would eat any of the desserts you mentioned, fancy or not!

      And hee hee to your knowledgeable summary of technical jargon! :)

    2. I made chocolate mousse once. I think I was in grad school, when life seemed like a fun party. You know, pre-kid, job, house. Mostly kid, though. Now I would just mix chocolate pudding with coolwhip; it makes a passable chocolate mousse :-) Now lemon curd --I just pay $ for that. Totally worth it.

      I once read that the midwest was a place where you needed heat in the morning and air conditioning by the afternoon. I have found this to be true.

    3. Well, I was at a funeral in Iowa yesterday, and I'm sorry, but the weather was insane. Roasting in the church and freezing, gale force wind at the cemetery. Kansas is sane and reasonable by comparison. (At least the weather is.)

    4. ESPN!?! And then moved on to better things? My brother, who originally tried majoring in broadcasting at the university that graduated Edward R. Murrow, is probably horrifically (theoretically) jealous now.
      I'm actually finding his talk rather fascinating and I wish he could walk me through and set me up on Skype because I cannot, for the life of me, figure it out! However, I do know what you mean -- my sons speaking about DNA extraction and/or PMods in electrical engineering? I *try* to understand, but at some point I'm sure my eyes are glazing over.

      While I can enjoy a good mousse, I've always considered it a fancy chocolate pudding. Cheesecake (quite possibly the best combination of fat and sugar EVER) *and* lemon curd? Bring it on!
      As for the weather -- oh, my. EVERYWHERE I've ever lived, especially in the springtime. Especially in Texas. *sigh* My go-to is the missing choice d)give a pained smile.


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