Friday, February 5, 2016

Three Things and a Request

  • How did the peanut butter cookie dough fare in the crock pot, you ask?  Eh.  It was fine.  I was never that big of a peanut butter cookie fan until I began making them for myself as an adult, and last night's final product reminded me of any mediocre peanut butter cookie you can get from a deli or grocery store.  Cookie snob that I am, in the future I'll be channeling Lord Capulet and keeping these ill-matched parties separate.  

  • It's well-established that I'm just the tiniest bit frugal and that I'm on a lifelong quest to eliminate excess waste from our household, which makes this a beautiful, beautiful thing in my starry eyes:
I've been cutting open our lotion bottles to get all the extra lotion out for many moons, but it didn't occur to me to do the same to my facial moisturizer until a few months ago, and behold!  I discovered an extra 3-4 weeks' worth of lotion in there, coating the inside of the bottle, hiding from the pump, hoping to remain undiscovered.  Of course, you have to keep the bottle you're slowing disemboweling in a container of some sort- I use tupperware- to keep the lotion from drying out, but I was inordinately excited by this whole thing.  For some reason, Derek didn't share my level of enthusiasm over this.  He's a strange man sometimes.

  • Something neat that is commented on every time I take this crock pot somewhere:
That little rubber band-thingy came with this, the biggest of my crock pots, and it is so simple but so genius:  It does a marvelous job of keeping the lid on when I'm transporting food from the house to the car to another house, and never slips off.  I assume you could do much the same thing with a regular rubber band of some sort, although the handles on this one have notches on their undersides for the band to slip into.  Who on earth comes up with these things?  Not the likes of me.  

For the curious, that's not the C-grade cookie dough in there but tonight's supper, which has the benefit of being easy, and delicious, and doesn't require the use of our angry oven.  Like all true chefs (lolololol), I began supper prep at 7:30 this morning when I threw a roast in the crock pot and then dumped the contents of this package on top.
Lid on, switch on low, and that's it.  I'll shred the beef and discard the fat about twenty minutes before we eat tonight, but other than that, it's as far as I'll come to slaving over a hot stove today.  Served on warmed tortillas with some cheddar and salsa and sour cream?  Delicious.  I'll throw the leftovers on a bed of spinach for the lunch the next few days, show my anemia who's boss.

I have exactly six more great crock pot recipes, and then I'm tapped out, which doesn't exactly work with our oven being out of commission for the foreseeable future.  As such, I'm asking for your help:  Do you have any tried and true crock pot recipes?  Would you share them, or are they state secrets?  Please?


  1. That is a cool rubber-band thingy for your crock pot! Now I have crock pot envy, because mine didn't come with that.

    Here is a recipe I just made recently. It comes with a lot of my verbiage before the recipe:

    And here is a tried and true favorite, which you have probably seen before:

    And a navy bean or split pea soup recipe:

  2. I came back to talk about the peanut butter cookie thing. I was curious how it would turn out because I made that "chocolate lava" crock pot cake. It was okay, but the cake was a bit rubbery. I came to the conclusion that the crockpot is the wrong venue for cake. It sounds like the same is true for cookies.

  3. My crock pot gets a lot of use, but it's always sort of the same thing: some meat, straight from the freezer (usually chicken or those packs of beef chunks for stew), some broth, and veggies. Often the little peeled carrots stubs, sometimes just frozen mixed veggies. Then I make rice or something to serve it over. I can't really use any interesting marinades because they all contain onion powder (Rob's allergy), and I can't make CHM's peanut chicken (Emma's allergy). Still, I do love how the meat and veggies portion of a meal can be thrown in at 8 am and become good food by 5 pm :-)

  4. Nom Nom Paleo's Mexican Braised Beef.
    But you don't have to make it Paleo and braising technically doesn't mean in a slow cooker but whatever. Assuming you can still use your microwave, cook a spaghetti squash in there and dump the meat over the shredded innards.
    I realize slow cookers and microwaves were not invented nor used in the Paleo age. Those one that bandwagon seem to be ok with modern conveniences and other contradictions. Ignore all that. This is a tasty recipe.

  5. I am impressed by your lotion-saving skills. (I'm also a little embarrassed that I never thought of cutting open the bottle -- that's brilliant!)
    I've got a cookbook titled "Fix It and Forget It -- for Entertaining" which is ALL crockpot recipes. I haven't tried all of them, but my go-to recipe for Christmas morning is there and I've used several others as well. I confess that since he retired, my husband is our dinner cook approximately 325 days out of the year and I am out of practice when it comes to meals and planning. But I do recommend that cookbook!


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